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DPW Job Posting

DPW Position Announcement

The Village of Fairgrove is seeking resumes for a permanent Part Time DPW Maintenance Worker. Summary of Duties include but are not limited to outdoor labor, maintenance, repair and operation of various public works activities: Job description is posted on the Fairgrove Village website

Must be 18 years old, and possess a G.E.D. or High School diploma, and valid driver’s license.

Must be able to work some nights and weekend when necessary.

Resume must be submitted to the Village of Fairgrove office at 5005 Center, P.O. Box 227, Fairgrove, MI 48733 or by e-mail: no later than June 3rd, 2019 at 1:00p.m.  Applications will be discussed at the June 3rd, 2019 Regular meeting beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Questions can be directed by e-mail to the Clerk at or by calling 989-693-6572. * Anyone requesting confidentiality in their application must request so in writing in accordance with the Michigan Open Meeting Act.



JOB DESCRIPTION – DPW LABORER a Public Works Laborer is responsible for the operation of a variety of construction and maintenance equipment and for performing manual labor activities as needed and/or required by the Public Works Department. Included is road maintenance, park maintenance, signage, sewer repairs and other related areas. The position requires operation of Village owned vehicles, such as pick-up trucks, backhoe, street sweeper, dump trucks, salt spreaders, snow plows, etc. as required. The operation of power tools and equipment, such as mowers, chain saws, air compressors, etc. when required, is also necessary. The candidate will be required to inspect and repair equipment as required by department procedures as well as be able to make repairs to Village roads, curbs, and sidewalks as required. The applicant will mow grass, plant and/or prune trees, flowers and hedges. There is a requirement to maintain the municipal buildings, clean the DPW garage and park facilities, as well as clean up litter and empty trash cans. Maintenance of sanitary and storm sewers and/or conducting routine maintenance procedures is required. Sweeping and cleanup of debris and materials from roads will be required as well as snow and ice removal, including manual shoveling of snow. Conducting other job related duties as needed. A valid Michigan Driver’s  license along with a CDL license is required or desire to work toward getting one. The candidate will be required to perform heavy manual labor, including lifting heavy objects and working in all types of weather conditions. Safety procedures and practices are required to be followed, as well as wearing safety equipment. A good working relationship with co-workers and the general public is a necessity. The candidate must be able to be called out for emergencies such as snowfall, floods, downed trees, sewer back-ups and must be knowledgeable in a variety semiskilled and skilled maintenance tasks, and all other tasked assigned.

Blight Demolition


Looking for two separate Bids for the garage and the house


1. No structure or accessory building shall be removed from the premises as a whole, or in a substantially whole condition, but all such structures and accessory buildings shall be demolished on the premises.

 2. Demolition and disposal of rubbish and debris shall proceed simultaneously. 

3. The Village assumes no responsibility for the condition of existing buildings and structures and other property on the site, nor for their continuance in the condition existing at the time of issuance of the Invitation for Bids or thereafter. No adjustment of contract price or allowance for any change in conditions, which may occur after the Invitation for Bids has been issued, will be made.

 4. Once the demolition is started, it shall be continued until completed.

5. A Wrecking Permit shall be procured from the Inspection Department before commencing demolition.

 6. The Contractor shall comply with all applicable laws, ordinances and codes of the Village of Fairgrove  and in particular, your attention is directed to Tuscola Building Codes.

(1) Before a building can be demolished or removed, the contractor or his agent shall notify all utilities having service connections within the building, such as water, electricity, gas, sewer and other connections. The wrecking permit shall not be issued until a release is obtained from the utilities stating that their respective service connections and appurtenant equipment, such as meters and regulators, have been removed or sealed and plugged in a safe manner.

(2) Whenever a building is demolished, the roof and each upper story shall be taken down before the demolition of the next lower story is begun; no material shall be placed in such a manner as to overload any part of such building in the course of demolition; all brick, stone, timber and structural parts of each story shall be lowered to the ground immediately upon displacement; all dry mortar, lime, brick dust, plaster, or other flying material shall before and during removal be dampened sufficiently to prevent it from floating or being blown into the street or on adjoining property; and all sidewalks shall be protected by fences and scaffolds as required by this code for the protection of sidewalks during the erection of buildings.

(3) Excavations from demolished buildings or structures shall not be filled with any materials subject to deterioration. The Inspection Department, upon notification by the permit holder, the contractor or his agent, in writing and upon form provided by the Inspection Department for that purpose, shall inspect each excavation, or any part thereof, before filling any excavations and it shall be unlawful to fill any such excavation without inspection and approval of the Inspection Department. Voids in excavations shall not be permitted.


7. Whenever the Engineering Department determines that construction or repair work may endanger the traveling public, the Contractor, at the request of the department, shall erect roofed passageways extending over public thoroughfares at least six (6) feet, the roof of which shall be not less than a double thickness of 2 inch thick lumber.

8. If buildings to be demolished are surrounded by a number of trees and bushes, and if during demolition a sufficient number of limbs are broken or hanging to present a safety hazard, the Engineer will order the removal of such trees at no additional cost to the Village.

 9. No part of the abutting streets, including the public walks and Local Streets areas, shall be occupied by the Contractor and his equipment. Village trees, public walks and Local Streets shall be preserved and properly protected. Upon request, the Village may permit the Contractor and his equipment to occupy a maximum of one-third of the adjacent street area. Granting this permission does not change the Contractor’s responsibility in regard to damage to private or public property. The Contractor’s operations shall be confined to the parcels of land included in the demolition.

10. Arrangements shall be made with the Police Department to prohibit parking of vehicles in the near vicinity of the actual demolition.

11. The Contractor shall be responsible for all damage to private or public property as a result of his fault or negligence in connection with the prosecution of the work and shall be responsible for the proper care and protection of all work performed until completion and final acceptance.

12. In order to prevent the blowing of dust and dirt, the Contractor will be required to wet down and keep wet the structures before and during wrecking operations, all rubbish and debris stockpiled on the site, and all rubbish or debris is being loaded for disposal.

13. All obstructions shall be adequately barricaded and lighted at night.

14. Demolition and site clearance will consist of the demolition and removal of all structures and accessory buildings, walks, concrete slabs, retaining walls, trees and bushes, and including foundation walls, columns, floors, piers, partitions, walls, stoops and any other subsurface structures to the level of the demolition grade; filling all excavations to the existing ground elevation; and the grading and smoothing of the site. All shall be done in a lump sum bid.

15. When the work of demolition is substantially complete, the Contractor shall notify the Village of Fairgrove that the work will be ready for final inspection.

16. The Contractor shall comply with applicable laws and ordinances governing the disposal of materials, debris, rubbish and trash off or on the project area; and shall commit no trespass on any private property in the disposal of the materials without permission of the property owners involved.

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