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Regular 03-21-11Regular
Monday, March 21, 20117:30 AM

AGENDA FAIRGROVE VILLAGE COUNCIL MEETING MARCH 21, 2011 1. ROLL CALL – Maguire, Gehrls, Hall, Humpert, Leen, Wassa 2. APPROVE MINUTES – March 7, 2011 Regular Meeting 3. AUDIENCE RECOGNITION 4. DEPARTMENT/COMMITTEE REPORTS 5. CORRESPONDENCE 6. UNFINISHED BUSINESS A. Insurance Bids B. 2011-2012 Budget & Truth in Taxation Hearing 7. NEW BUSINESS A. Pending Litigation 8. FINANCES A. Budget Amendments 2010-2011 B. Approve Disbursements 9. ADJOURNMENT

MARCH 21, 2011
PRESENT: L. Hall, A. Leen, J. Gehrls, D. Maguire, T. Wassa, T. Humpert
VISITORS: P. Hagedon, F. Young, S. Young, K. Morton, D. Tumblin, D. Englehart, F Ahrens, C. Voss, M. Ahrens, L. Martin, G. Sleight
President Maguire called the Fairgrove Village Council March 21, 2011 Meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Humpert/Hall made a motion to accept the Fairgrove Village Council minutes dated March 7, 2011. 6 ayes. Motion Carried.
Audience Recognition
G. Sleight on behalf of the Michigan Bean Festival discussed having XBC Racing at the Motor Sports Park April 30, June 10 (these will both be Bump & Grinds) then July 16 and August 20 (these will be Figure 8 Demos. Hall/Gehrls to allow the Michigan Bean Festival to use the park and grounds for Entertainment Tent and parking for these events. 5 ayes. 1 abstains. Motion Carried.
DPW - Englehart reported there will be Leaf Pickup in April. The DPW Pickup and Leaf Truck have been lettered. He is going to get the rest of the trucks done in April.
FIRE: F. Ahrens reported that the fish fry went very well and would like to thank the community and council for that. The next fish fry will be April 8th. The Fire Dept is looking into doing Bingo’s. 
STREETS: Leen reported that she had completed the paperwork regarding the work on the bridge and to continue working with Wade Trim regarding the Plan of Action.
POLICE: Maguire and Hall are going to the Akron Village Council Meeting regarding contracting Police Services with Akron. They will report back at the next Council Meeting.
Letter read from Nietzke & Faupel regarding the Budget for 2011/2012. In their opinion it is not necessary to budget for Sewer. 
Maguire also stated that Combined Insurance had been in to offer individual insurance to employees.
Unfinished Business:
Insurance Bids
Mi Municipal League: $20,639
Bamberger Insurance: $20,230
Wassa/Humpert made a motion to continue coverage with Bamberger Insurance at a cost of $20,230; this includes $5 million in liability. 6 ayes. Motion Carried.
Wassa/Hall made a motion for the Truth in Taxation and an Operating Mileage of 11.044% with Local Streets at 1.0%. 6 ayes. Motion Carried.
Hall/Leen made a motion to accept the 2011/2012 Budget as printed. 6 ayes. Motion Carried.
New Business
Wassa explained there is pending litigation and it has been turned over to the insurance company along with the Village of Fairgrove’s attorney to handle.
Wassa/Gehrls made a motion to approve 2010/2011 Budget Amendments in the amount of $91,503.00. 6 ayes. Motion Carried.
Humpert/Gehrls made a motion to approve disbursements in the amount of $12,064.17. 6 ayes. Motion Carried.
As there was no other business, meeting adjourned at 8:04 p.m. The next Fairgrove Village Council Meeting will be on April 4th at 7:30 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
Shari Hadaway
Interim Fairgrove Village Clerk
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