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FIRE COMMITTEE 1/4/2011Committee
Tuesday, January 4, 20117:00 PM
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JANUARY 4, 2011



Village of Fairgrove:  D. Maguire, T. Humpert, L.Hall

Fairgrove Township:  K. Aeder, J. McQuillan, D. Hadeway, M. Day

Juanita Township:  N. Jackson

Gilford Township:  J. Stockmeyer, N. Keys

Fairgrove Fire Department:  D. Young, L. Baur, C. Childs, G. Ruiz, S. Maguire, F. Ahrens, M. Hall

Visitors:  K. Morton, K. Morton


Meeting called to order at 7 p.m.

Chief Young discussed the purpose of this meeting was to inform the committee that the Fairgrove Fire Department is looking at purchasing a new chaise for the tanker.  The department wrote a grant for a truck but was denied, the reason was there was not a financial need.  A new truck would be $300,000.00.  Instead they are looking for a used chaise for the tanker.   The National Fire Protection (NFP) has new standards as to what is to be on a Fire Department Vehicle.  To rebuild the truck it will cost approximately $85,000.00.  The breakdown is as follows:

Chaise - $71,000.00

Tank baffle & modifications - $8750.00

Remove and install tank - $1250.00

Letter, lights and siren - $4,500.00


This tanker truck is just not safe going down the road.  The Fire Department has $35,000.00 in their account that they will be able to put towards truck.  Just rough figures right now that would mean each section would be $781.25 for fire protection.  Looking at a loan for 30 months it would be $1660.00 month payment or $19,992.00 per year.  McQuillan stated to look at an installment purchase contract with area banks. 


Baur stated to the townships that Fairgrove Fire Department has not raised their rates for Fire Protection in three years.  There are 64 sections that the Department covers.  Aeder stated that he likes that the Department is working with what they have, and not just buying new.  The townships would like to see the Department not raise their Fire Protection any more than $100.00 a section. 


Young stated that after this truck is fixed – the Department will have to look at replacing the following trucks; heavy rescue, ambulance, and Squad #2.


As there was no other business, meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.





Shari Hadaway

Interium Village Clerk

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