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Below is the information requested about this meeting.
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Administration Committee 12/27/2010Committee
Monday, December 27, 20107:30 PM




P O BOX 227


FAX 989-693-6641    989-693-6572









Monday Dec 27, 2010


7:30 P.M.










POSTED THIS DATE: December 22, 2010

AND TIME: 2:00 P.M.




Village of Fairgrove

Administration Committee Meeting



Trustee Attendance:  Gehrls, Leen, Wassa


Committee recommendations:


1.    Recommended the attached job description for the Village Clerk position.


2.    The Village Clerk job description will be placed on the website for applicants to review. 


3.    Interviewing for the Village Clerk will follow the STAR Method:

Situation:      Give an example of a situation you were involved in that resulted in a positive outcome.

Task:              Describe the tasks involved in that situation.

Action:              Talk about the various actions involved in the situation’s task.

Results:              What results directly followed because of your actions.



4.    The committee will compile a list of questions for the interview and present them at the next council meeting.


5.    Information and Recommendation for Help Wanted Ad:

Part-time Clerk Position, Village of Fairgrove.  Position requires a minimum of 1-3 years of clerical experience and basic computer skills with knowledge of Word, Excel, Access, and Quick Books Pro.  Applicant must have excellent people skills and integrity.  Job description can be viewed at  Please send cover letter and resume to:  Village President Duane Maguire, P.O. Box 131, Fairgrove, MI 48733.


6.    Develop a village policy and procedure manual for all village employees.


7.    Amendment to Council Meeting Procedures:


      To insure that an orderly council meeting is conducted and prevent disruptions from those in attendance.

      To require the speaker to sign a request to address the council prior to the opening of the public meeting, to include their name, address and topic.

      To require the speaker to address the council from a designed area or podium.



 Discussion with No Recommendations:



  1. Trainings in 2011 for council and employees to improve on village services.  This training should include grant writing, legal updates, public works, and community development.
  2. Voicemail system for the village. 





Recommended Position Description

Village of Fairgrove

Job Description



POSITION TITLE:  Village Clerk



The Village Clerk carries out the day-to-day administrative tasks associated with village government. The Village Clerk is an at-will, part-time position appointed by the Village and may be removed from office by the Village President with the consent of the Counsel, in accordance with all applicable Michigan Statutes.


He/she is responsible for aiding the Finance Director/Consultant with management and administration of village finance operations including: involvement in development of the village budget; maintenance of all public records including ordinances, resolutions, minutes and certifications; and coordination with elected and appointed officials on development of information necessary for public meetings, hearings and notices.  Work involves effective coordination within the department, with other village departments, elected officials, and the general public.  The work performance of the Village Clerk is under the direct administrative of the Village President and the Council.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Most essential to this position is a thorough knowledge of and responsibility for carrying out statutory duties of a Village Clerk.  Essential duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

       Provide assistance to the Village Council in meeting management; assemble information packets, prepare agendas, publish and post all public agendas and public notices, and record actions/motions made at public meetings and appropriately codify these actions;

       Serve as custodian of official village records and public documents; perform certification and recording for the village as required on legal documents, seals and attests by signature to ordinances, resolutions and contracts, easements, deeds, bonds or other documents requiring village certification and keep a record of all licenses, commissions, and permits granted by the Village Council;

       Attend all applicable public meetings and accurately record the proceedings, prepare minutes, and record, index and file the proceedings for the public record;

       The Village Clerk, with coordination of the Village Council, is responsible for the following:

o   Keep just and accurate detailed accounts of all transactions showing when, to whom, and for what purpose all payments are made;

o   Upon receipt, deposit any and all funds received for the Village, in the name of the Village, in the public depository designated by the Village Counsel;

o   Assure that assigned areas of responsibility are performed within budget; perform cost control activities; prepare annual departmental operating budgets and monitor revenues and expenditures in assigned areas to assure sound fiscal control; prepare annual budget requests; assure effective and efficient use of budgeted funds, personnel, materials, facilities and time;

o   Assure timely and accurate wage and benefit administration including bi-weekly payroll, healthcare claims and deductions, employer retirement contributions, etc;

o   Assure that optimal decisions are made regarding cash flow/financial management and investment, assist with audits, maintain the Village fund accounting system and keep detailed and accurate records relating to all accounting transactions.


Secondary, Incidental Duties and Responsibilities:

Accompanying statutory and essential duties for the Village are secondary responsibilities that may arise on an as needed or less frequent basis.  Some of the duties include:

       Fulfill requests for Open Records;

       Administer oaths of office to public officials;

       Draft, repealing, and/or Resolutions and Ordinances based on the decisions of the Village Counsel;

       Contribute materials for the Village’s website;

       Address citizen inquiries related to utility billings or any other municipal service;

       Assist in the evolution of the organization through development of internal policies/procedures.


Minimum Education and Experience Requirements:

This position requires, at a minimum, 1-3 years of experience in a clerical position.  Basic computer skills with knowledge of Word, Excel, Access and Quick Book Pro. Applicants with a post-secondary education will be given preference.    


Physical Demands/Work Environment:

This position requires sitting, standing, squatting and infrequent lifting of up to 50 pounds.  The work environment can be described as that of a general office setting.  Occasionally, the Village Clerk may transport notices, documents, etc. that may require leaving the office.  Reasonable accommodations will be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.   


Interaction with Other Departments/Staff:

Due to the nature of this position, the Village Clerk interacts with employees from all departments on a daily basis.  He/she is responsible for tracking and maintaining all records, including financial documents, for all departments within the Village Office.  This position requires a high degree of information sharing between administration, public works, planning/zoning, and the police, to ensure the Village Council, and its standing committees, have the proper information they need to base their decisions. 



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