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Regular 12/20/10Regular
Monday, December 20, 20107:30 PM
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DECEMBER 20, 2010


Present:  T. Wassa, L. Hall, A. Leen, D. Maguire, J. Gehrls, T. Humpert

Absent:  None

Vacancy:  One


Guests:  M. Drier, L. Haubenstricker, P. Hagedon, S. Young, B. Ahrens, T. Streeter, B. Bean, L. Baur, T. Leen, F. Ahrens, B. Ahrens, K. Eurich, K. Morton, K. Morton, Chief    D. Thompson, L. Damm, J. Gehrls, M. Ruiz, M. Humpert, F. Beller


Meeting called to order by President Maguire at 7:30 p.m.


Motion Hall second Humpert to approve agenda of December 20, 2010.  Carried.


The president directed Trustee Wassa to read to the public excerpts of the Council Rules of Procedures dealing with audience recognition and public disturbance.


Audience comments were as follows:

B. Ahrens questioned if the questions have to pertain to the agenda and/or do they have to be submitted to Council before meeting.  Council stated no they do not have to be submitted and they will try and answer questions.


K. Morton questioned if the new Police Chief had been checked to see if he was MCOLES certified, radar certified, weapons certified?  Chief explained that he is certified in all of these areas and is up to date on all qualifications.


T. Wassa explained that Chief Thompson was hired for approximately 4 months.  He is going to primarily doing office work and some road patrol.  Streeter questioned – will he be doing road patrol at all – and it was stated yes.  Maguire explained that Chief LaPratt will also be helping out on road patrol along with the County and State Police.

Audience recognition closed.


President Maguire discussed that he had suspended B. Parsell (Village Clerk) and has also given the Council his recommendation on terminating the employment of Ms. Parsell or to come up with another decision.  Humpert made a motion to accept recommendation to terminate Ms. Parsell employment as Fairgrove Village Clerk, Hall seconded.  Humpert questioned Maguire if he stands behind his decision, Maguire stated yes.  She is an at-will employee.  6 ayes.  Motion Carried.


Department Reports:

Chief Thompson stated there is Battle of the Badge in Vassar on January 3rd from 10 -3 for blood donations. 


L. Baur – Asst. Fire Chief stated that the permit to do the electrical for the shed out back.  The Fire Committee will plan on meeting the first week of January.


Dump Truck and also that someone’s property had gotten damaged with the snow plow.  He will check more into this and report at the next meeting.


Old Business



New Business

Wassa made a motion to post the Village Clerk’s position in the paper and to also post the Vancant Council Position.  6 ayes.  Motion Carried.  Leen, Gehrls and Wassa are on the Executive Committee and will develop a job description on the Clerk’s position.  Humpert would like person to have Grant Writing experience.


Leen made a motion to adjourn at 7:52 p.m. Hall seconded.  6 ayes.  Motion Carried.


Respectfully Submitted-


Shari Hadaway

Interim Clerk

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