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Council Meetings

Below is the information requested about this meeting.
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Regular 10/4/10Regular
Monday, October 4, 20107:30 PM
OCTOBER 4, 2010
  ROLL CALL – Maguire, Prusi, Eurich, Ahrens, Humpert, Hall, Adams
  APPROVE MINUTES – September 13, 2010 Regular Meeting
   A. Fire Department – Budgeted purchase, Jaws-of-Life 
         B. Police Department – Letter of Appreciation
         C. Administration Committee – Employee evaluations
    A. Council Member Abstentions
    A. Unsigned Correspondence 
    B. Zoning – Special Land Use Public Hearing/Meeting Fee
               A. Approve Disbursements        
OCTOBER 4, 2010
Present: Maguire, Prusi, Eurich, Ahrens, Humpert, Hall, Adams   
Absent: None
Guests: Asst. Fire Chief Linal Baur, Sgt. Tim Burnside, Donnie Englehart, Bob Parsell,  Steve Young, Perry Hagedon, Lillian Benson, Jessica Gehrls, Jeff Gehrls, Kim Gehrls, Tom Leen, Anne Leen, Gayle Sleight, Kathy Morton, Kim Morton  
The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by President Duane Maguire.
Motion Ahrens second Prusi to accept the September 13, 2010 regular meeting minutes as printed.     Carried. 
The council gave permission for the Michigan Bean Festival to use Mulberry Park for Halloween activities on Saturday, October 30, 2010.
Asst. Fire Chief Baur reported that the department had 4 runs for September.
Motion Prusi second Eurich to purchase budgeted connectors and hose for the jaws unit from Apollo Fire Equipment for $1963.75.    Carried.
Sgt. Tim Burnside gave the September statistics for the police department.
Motion Adams second Eurich to pay Sgt. Timothy Burnside $14.00 per hour when working above his normal twelve hours per week in the police chief’s absence. Roll Call Vote: Adams-Yea, Ahrens-Yea, Eurich-Yea, Hall-Nay, Humpert-Nay, Maguire-Nay, Prusi-Yea.    Carried.
Administration Committee Chair Prusi reported that employee evaluations were conducted on clerk, Bev Parsell and police chief, James Sherrod. Each employee was rated an average of 2 on the employee evaluation form which equates to exceeds requirements.
The clerk read a letter from village attorney, Gary Howell, explaining the necessity for a recent council abstention and explaining tie votes.
Motion Prusi second Hall to not read unsigned or unaddressed letters as correspondence.
Motion withdrawn with consent.
Motion Ahrens second Adams to no longer read correspondence at future council meetings but to simply provide council members with copies of correspondence.   Carried.
MotionAdams second Ahrens to adopt Resolution 01-10 Planning Commission & Zoning Board of Appeals Fees which requires a $250 fee for certain special land use and variance requests by property owners.    Carried.   
The president set Halloween hours for Saturday, October 30, 2010 from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Motion Prusi second Ahrens to pay bills of $11,254.71.    Carried.
Meeting Adjourned 8:48 p.m.
Bev Parsell, Clerk
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