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Council Meetings

Below is the information requested about this meeting.
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Regular 4/19/10Regular
Monday, April 19, 20107:30 PM
APRIL 19, 2010
  ROLL CALL – Maguire, Prusi, Eurich, Ahrens, Farnum, Hall, Adams
  APPROVE MINUTES – March 15, 2010 Regular Meeting
    A. MDOT – Rural Elected Officials Meeting
                B. Tuscola County Drain Commissioner – Update
                C. Amanda Roggenbuck, County Comm – Free Child Identification
                D. Real Estate One – Property at 2002 N Main
                E. Hubbard Law Firm – Medical Marijuana Act
                F. Tuscola Co Board of Comm – Road Commissioners
                G. Larry Farnum, Council Trustee
                H. Todd Humpert – Letter of Intent
                A. Storm Sewer Hookups in Sanitary Sewer System
                B. Treasurer Position
          A. Michigan Bean Festival Lease
                A.   Approve Disbursements      
APRIL 19, 2010
Present: Maguire, Eurich, Ahrens, Hall, Adams   
Absent: Prusi, Farnum
Guests: Police Chief James Sherrod, Linal Baur, Fred Ahrens, April Yatsevich, Fern Young, Todd Humpert, Michelle Humpert, Ann Klatt, Beth Asberger, Jennifer Peckham, Marilyn Ruiz, Larry Decaire, Bob Parsell, Steve Young
The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by President Duane Maguire.
Motion Ahrens second Eurich to accept the March 15, 2010 regular meeting minutes as printed with the following correction: Motion Hall second Hoag to defer revenue of $3854…should read Motion Ahrens second Hall to defer revenue of $3854 for future police vehicle replacement which consists of monies collected uring 2009-10 for ordinance violations of $3180 and amount equivalent to liquor license fees of $674 making the police department capital cash reserve account total 5276 .  Carried.
Motion Hall second Eurich to allow a Fairgrove community youth group, ages twelve to eighteen, to clean up Mulberry Park on Saturday May 1st .     Carried.
Audience member Todd Humpert complained of a “dog at large” ticket he received from Chief Sherrod and Larry Decaire also had complaints about the police department.
Asst. Fire Chief Baur reported that the department had 3 runs and 1 assist for March. Baur also asked the council if they could look into leasing a new tanker. Council responded that they could research the idea.
Police Chief Sherrod gave the March statistics for his department. The Chief asked the council for clarification of village ordinances, whether there were any ordinances that the council did not want enforced or whether there were any residents his department was not to issue citations to. The council had no response.   Police Committee Chair Hall reported on the police committee meeting held March 17, 2010.
Streets/Sidewalk Chair Eurich reported that the Fairgrove Presbyterian Church would like to replace the sidewalk in front of the church at their cost. Council informed her that they should provide a plan to Zoning Administrator Prusi.
Correspondence was received from MDOT providing a transcript of the Rural Elected Officials meeting, Tuscola County Drain Commissioner providing an update of his department, Tuscola County Commissioner Amanda Roggenbuck informing of a Free Child Identification program that could be held in the village, Real Estate One offering to sell the property owned by Steve Donohoe at 2002 N Main to the village, Hubbard Law Firm informing of a Medical Marijuana Act meeting, Tuscola County Board of Commissioners informing of the decision to have the Road Commissioners elected rather than appointed, Larry Farnum providing his letter of resignation as a village trustee and Todd Humpert providing a letter of interest to serve as a village trustee if a vacancy should occur.
Motion Hall second Adams to accept the resignation of Larry Farnum as a Village Trustee effective March 22, 2010.    Carried.
MotionHall second Maguire to appoint Todd Humpert as Village Trustee until the term expires November 19, 2010 effective immediately.    3 Yea    2 Nay    Defeated.
MotionEurich second Ahrens to advertise that there is a vacancy on the council.    3 Yea   2 Nay    Defeated.
The clerk reported that five people had responded for the village treasurer position, stated that the Michigan Bean Festival Lease had expired on December 31, 2009 so that a new lease needed to be negotiated and reminded the council of some specifics of the Open Meetings Act.  The council stated that the DPW needed to repair or rebuild the welcome sign.
Motion Adams second Eurich to pay bills of approximately $63,007.52.    Carried.
Meeting Adjourned 8:42 p.m.
Bev Parsell, Clerk
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