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Council Meetings

Below is the information requested about this meeting.
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Regular 7/6/09Regular
Monday, July 6, 20097:30 PM
July 6, 2009
   ROLL CALL – Maguire, Prusi, Eurich, Hoag, Farnum, Hall, Adams
   APPROVE MINUTES – June 15, 2009 Regular Meeting
        A. Amanda Roggenbuck, Tuscola County Commissioner – Meeting
        B. Tuscola County Economic Development – Budget Request
        C. Brownie Troop #120 – Thank You
        A. Storm Sewer Hookups in Sanitary Sewer System
        B. Master Plan Review
        C. Zoning Ordinance Amendments
          A. Open Burn Ordinance – Draft
       B. Sidewalk Ordinance – Draft


           A.   Approve Disbursements        
JULY 6, 2009
Present: Maguire, Eurich, Hoag, Farnum, Prusi, Hall   
Absent: Adams
Guests: Police Chief James Sherrod, Will Wielen, Asst. Fire Chief Linal Baur, Donnie Englehart, Ron Thomas, Fern Young, Steve Young
The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by President Maguire.
Motion Hoag second Prusi to accept the June 15, 2009 regular meeting minutes as printed.    Carried.
Ron Thomas requested that he be able to have an old fashioned car hop on Main Street either the first or second Saturday of August. The council had no objections.
Enter Adams 7:35 p.m.
Police Chief Sherrod gave his department’s statistics for June. He also introduced police reserve officer Will Wielen.
Motion Hall second Farnum to have the police department handle all motor vehicle ordinance violations.    Withdrawn With Consent.
Motion Hall second Farnum to have the police department handle all ordinance violations covered under Municipal Civil Infractions Ordinance #49.    Carried.
Motion Hoag second Hall to approve Adam Sayles as a volunteer police reserve officer    Carried.
Motion Hoag second Prusi to approve Robert Parsell as a volunteer police reserve officer.    Carried.
Assistant Fire Chief Baur reported that the department had 1 run and 2 assists for June.
Motion Hoag second Adams to have Kay Eurich apply for a $7,500 park grant through the Tuscola County Community Foundation.    Carried.
Correspondence was received from Tuscola County Commissioner Amanda Roggenbuck informing of an informational meeting at the Fairgrove Township Hall on July 20, 2009 at 6:30 p.m., Tuscola County Economic Development Corporation requesting a budget allocation of $675 and Brownie Troop #120 thanking the council for use of the meeting room during the school year.
Motion Prusi second Adams to revise and amend the Zoning Ordinance by village attorney Gary Howell for approximately $8,400.    Carried.
The clerk introduced an updated Open Burn Ordinance and a new Sidewalk Ordinance prepared by the village attorney.
MotionHoag second Prusi to approve the purchase for the Equipment Fund of a diesel generator, gas generator, power washer, air compressor and trash pump from NSC/John Rice totaling $5,980.    5 Yea    2 Nay    Carried.
Motion Prusi second Hoag to amend the Equipment Fund budget by increasing the Capital Improvement account $5,980.    6 Yea    1 Nay    Carried.
Motion Adams second Hoag to pay bills of approximately $42,249.24.    Carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.                                                                                 
Bev Parsell, Clerk
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