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Council Meetings

Below is the information requested about this meeting.
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Regular 3/16/09Regular
Monday, March 16, 20097:30 PM
March 16, 2009
   ROLL CALL – Maguire, Prusi, Eurich, Hoag, Farnum, Hall, Adams
   APPROVE MINUTES – March 2, 2009 Regular Meeting
   A. MDOT – Rural Local Elected Officials Meeting 3/9/09
   B. Northstar Bank – Community Garage Sales 7/10-11/09
   C. Integrys Energy Services – Renewable Portfolio Standard Compliance
   A. Storm Sewer Hookups in Sanitary Sewer System
               B. Zoning Board of Appeals
               C. Master Plan Review – MML One Pager Plus
               A. ZBA Variance Application – Gary Howell, Attorney
               B. Planning Commission Ordinance – Gary Howell, Attorney
               A.   Budget Amendments 2008-09
               B.   Approve Disbursements        
MARCH 16, 2009
Present: Maguire, Eurich, Hoag, Farnum, Hall  
Absent: Prusi, Adams
The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by President Maguire.
Motion Eurich second Hoag to accept the March 2, 2009 regular meeting minutes as printed.    Carried.
Michigan Bean Festival members Travis Cragg and Todd Humpert received guidance from the council on removing the old demolition derby pit from Mulberry Park, approval to plan a motor sports activity in June 2009 and approval for municipal meeting room use for meetings November through March.
Motion Hall second Farnum to reimburse the Michigan Bean Festival $397.81, which is 50% of the invoice from J D Electric (labor donated), for power pedestal installation in Mulberry Park.    Carried.
Audience member Craig Tomlinson inquired whether the council had proceeded any further on his variance requestat 5075 W Center. President Maguire needs to establish a Zoning Board of Appeals to be approved by the council before a ZBA meeting can be scheduled.   
Assistant Fire Chief Baur suggested that Open Burn Ordinance #51 be revised in order to give more guidance to the fire and police departments. The clerk will contact the village attorney for specifics.
Police Chief Sherrod presented a memo regarding his request to MDOT to reconsider the 55 mph speed limit on M-138 within the village at the north village limits. MDOT responded that the signage is proper as is but that the council may request a formal traffic hearing. The council took no action.
Motion Eurich second Farnum to approve purchasing computer software support for the police department’s software program purchased in 2005 from DDP, now dba CrimeCog, beginning April 1, 2009 for $1200.    Carried.
Correspondence was received from Michigan Department of Transportation providing minutes from the Rural Elected Officials meeting held Monday, March 9, 2009 at the Cass City, Northstar Bank informing of community-wide garage sales July 10th and 11th and Integrys Energy providing information on their Renewable Portfolio Standard Compliance Plan.
The clerk presented information on the master plan review which will be examined by the Planning Commission and a copy of a Zoning Board of Appeals variance application provided by Village Attorney Gary Howell.
The clerk introduced Planning Commission Ordinance No. 57 provided by Village Attorney Gary Howell, for the council to review. Public Act 33 of 2008 requires that each municipality adopt an ordinance establishing or continuing its Planning Commission.
Motion Hall second Farnum to defer revenue of $12,109.31 in fire response billings collected during 2008-09 for fire department major equipment purchases making the fire department capital reserve account total $34,436.66.    Carried.
Motion Hall second Hoag to set up police department capital reserve of $1422 for future vehicle replacement which consists of monies collected during 2008-09 for ordinance violations of $789 and amount equivalent to liquor license fees of $633.    Carried.
MotionFarnum second Hall to increase the pay rate for part-time police officer Timothy Burnside to $11.00 per hour effective April 1, 2009.    Carried.
MotionHoag second Hall to amend the 2008-09 budget as follows:                       
                                    General Fund              $ 19,000
                                    Equipment Fund                 6,600
.                                         Total Increase                               $  25,600          Carried.
MotionHall second Hoag to appoint James M. Sherrod as Police Chief removing the Interim Police Chief title effective immediately.    Carried.
Motion Hall second Eurich to pay bills of approximately $14,116.61.    Carried.
Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.                                                                                 
Bev Parsell, Clerk
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