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Council Meetings

Below is the information requested about this meeting.
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Regular 2/16/09Regular
Monday, February 16, 200912:00 AM
February 16, 2009
   ROLL CALL – Maguire, Prusi, Eurich, Hoag, Farnum, Hall, Adams
   APPROVE MINUTES – February 2, 2009 Regular Meeting
A. MDOT – Informational Meeting 3/9/09 @ 9:00 a.m.
   A. Storm Sewer Hookups in Sanitary Sewer System
               A.   Approve Disbursements
FEBRUARY 16, 2009
Present: Maguire, Eurich, Hoag, Farnum, Hall, Adams
Absent: Prusi
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Maguire.
Motion Eurich second Adams to accept the February 2, 2009 regular meeting minutes as printed.    Carried.
Audience members Brian Dell, Duane and Patricia Hickey (owners and operators of Fairgrove Inn) addressed the council about various complaints regarding the police chief and the police department. They were informed to file a formal complaint with the clerk.
Correspondence was received from Michigan Department of Transportation informing of an upcoming informational meeting Monday, March 9, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. at the Cass City office.
MotionHall second Eurich to approve Daniel Voss and Brandon Hall as probationary firefighters pending acceptable physicals, positive MVR’s and background checks.    Carried.
Motion Hoag second Eurich to purchase a 1991 Vac All Sweeper and Catch Basin Cleaner from Bell Equipment Co. for $38,000.    5 Yea    1 Nay    Carried.
MotionHoag second Hall to amend the 2008-09 Equipment Fund budget with an increase of $38,000 to Capital Outlay and the General Fund budget with an increase of $38,000 in Operating Transfers-Equipment Fund.    5 yea    1 Nay    Carried.
Adams addressed the council regarding meeting postings, committee meetings and complaints.
Hall distributed copies of Article 11 of the Zoning Ordinance to the council. He wanted to reiterate that any variance requests must go to the Zoning Board of Appeals, which the clerk stated the village attorney also acknowledged.
The clerk stated that the village attorney will present a detailed written opinion on handling illegal storm sewer hookups into the sanitary sewer system and also an opinion on whether a municipal storm sewer system could be abandoned.   
The clerk informed the council that parliamentary procedures should be followed at committee meetings; that committee meeting minutes are due at the clerk’s office eight business days after the meeting and what information meeting postings must contain.
Motion Adams second Eurich to pay bills of approximately $7,480.67.    Carried.
Meeting adjourned at 7:58 p.m.                                                                                 
Bev Parsell, Clerk
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