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Council Meetings

Below is the information requested about this meeting.
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02/03/2020 RegularRegular
Monday, February 3, 20206:30 PM


Village of Fairgrove

Regular Meeting

2/03/2020 @ 6:30 pm


  • Welcome remarks
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Approval of agenda for 2/03/2020
  • Approval of Meeting minutes from 01/06/2020
  • Audience Recognition
  • Department Committee Reports
  • Fire/ Fire Run Report
    • Report provided
  • Police
    • No Report Provided
  • DPW
    • Equipment Rental Purchases


  • Volunteer Fire Department


  • Bean Festival


  • Clerk
  • Checks Detail
  • Deposit Detail
  • Bills that need approval
  • Budget Adjustments
  • Budget Workshops 02-03-2020 Immediately follow Regular Council meeting
    • Need to set Public Hearing


  • Planning Commission




  • Unfinished Business
    • Retirement John Hancock – Cancel
    • Akron- Fairgrove Sewage Disposal System
    • Sewer Repairs- Detroit Pump
    • R&R –
      • Fire Dept. Computer
      • Network Replacement
    • McLuney St


  • New Business
  • Correspondence:
    • MML Budget planning Convention / 9-30 to 10-2-2020
  • Audience Recognition
  • Next Meeting 03/02/2020 @ 6:30 pm


  • Adjournment








Budget Workshop Immediately following Regular Council meeting



2019-2020 Adjustments

2020-2021 Fire Contracts

2020-2021 Wages and Benefits

2020 –2021 Proposed budget


The property tax millage rate proposed to be levied to support the proposed budget will be a subject of hearing.


  • Adjournment





Village of Fairgrove Council Regular Meeting

02/03/2020 @ 6:30 pm

In Attendance: Childs/ Phelps/ McIntosh/ Stevens/ Young


  • Welcome remarks led by Childs
  • Pledge of Allegiance Led by Childs
  • Motion by Young to Approve the Agenda 02/03/2020 2nd by Stevens Motion carried 5/0
  • Motion by Stevens to Approve Meeting Minutes from 01/06/2020 2nd by Young Motion carried 5/0 Motion by McIntosh to approve Budget adjustments dated 01/07/2020 2nd by Young Motion carried 5/0
  • Audience Recognition:
    • Ms. Stevens: Glad the Christmas Decorations are down
  • Department Committee Reports
    • Fire Department- Young
    • Report Provided  
    • January 16th Tuscola County Fire Board Meeting hosted here
      • Sawyer Smith was voted Tuscola County Fire Fighter of the Year
      • Brandon Hall Fairgrove Fire Fighter of the Year
    • New Pagers are here
      • Trained
        • Cases available to be purchased
        • Different price levels
        • New Batteries each year to be purchased at $60.00 each
        • County Information transferable as you go from County to County
    • Mike Suable- Akron asked Chief Young for a Burn Permit he was directed to him form Akron
    • Jim Stockmeyer of Gilford Township contacted Chief Young about taking over the Sections in Gilford that are currently being provided Fire Service from another Township. May be up to 9 additional sections/ Childs and Young will meet with Stockmeyer
    • Fairgrove Township has additional sections that were give up years ago and will also be pursued about possible begin providing Fire Service to those section again Motion by Young to contact both Townships about providing additional service 2nd by Stevens Motion carried 5/0
    • Pipeline Emergency Response Training being offered Fire Fighters are already signed up
    • Fire Department has 20 already filled slots on the Department- 3 new applications with good background in Fire Fighting have been received- Would like to not turn them away- Not Fully equipped to add three new recruits – Tabled


  • Police- Simerson
    • Report Provided
    • Extra Patrol in the area has already begun
    • Clemis- is adding extra cost to Police budget due to software upgrades and installation
    • Blight is being addressed between Police Chief and Clerk
      • Chief is issuing Blight face to face contact then will inform the Clerk where to send notices
  • DPW- Thomas
    • Windows are here waiting for weather to break for installation
    • Portable generator is wired and ready to be moved into position for use for the entire Village building
    • Street signs are orders and once they are received, they will be installed replacing old worn out one in the Village
    • New Equipment rental items purchase- Vac truck parts- new tools- back-pack blower- Misc.
    • Sewer pump is ordered and needs to be installed before Spring rains
  • Fire Fighters 501c3-
    • No report
  • Bean Festival Committee-
    • Meeting set for this month


  • Clerk- Smith
    • Check Register Report 1/2020 Motion by McIntosh to accept report 2nd by Stevens:  Roll call: Yes- Young/ Stevens/ McIntosh/ Phelps/ Childs Motion carried 5/0
    • Copy of January 2020 Chemical Bank on-line account showing balances dated 02/03/2020
    • Bills that need approval are presented- Great Lakes $1,225.00 Smith- $1957.35 (equipment rental purchases) Motion by Young to pay bills provide 2nd by McIntosh: Roll call: Yes- Young/ Stevens/ McIntosh/ Phelps/ Childs Motion carried 5/0






  • Planning Commission- Prusi
    • Village Master plan needs updating
      • Outdated items
      •  Businesses
      • Public Hearing
      • Survey Sent out in Sewer Bills next quarter
      • Library doing an addition
        • 24x12 addition/ parking lot/ New entrance  
  • Unfinished Business
    • John Hancock- Wrong information provided in order for the Village to stop paying fees for the Retirement account- Motion by Young to allow the Clerk to contact Retirement Agent and have them Terminate the Retirement Plan from the Village’s Retirement with John Hancock 2nd by Stevens Roll call: Yes- Young/ Stevens/ McIntosh/ Phelps/ Childs Motion carried 5/0
    • Akron Fairgrove Disposal System Authority- Childs Secretary- Treasurer
      • SAW grant is replacing the system to be compatible with the Fairgrove system
      • The Lagoon is in the positive for its budget year
    • Sewer Repairs- Detroit Pump
      • Sewer back up during last Rainstorm showed wet pump not working at full capacity
        • New pump $11,500 repaired $5,500 Childs order repair since the time frame is a 4-week lead time
        • Thomas found 2 pumps in the DPW and one is not repairable- looking to get back up pump just in case
        • Childs looking for bids
    • R&R- IT
      • Fire Department Gateway not worth upgrading- recommendation to replace
      • Network Replacement estimate of $3250.00 -Tabled
    • McLuney Street- Townley sending a written estimate to move the project forward
      • Clerk needs to put on State Department Website as a Street project for Act 51 Motion by Stevens to Start McLuney Street Project 2nd by Young Motion carried 5/0
  • New Business- None
  • Correspondence
    • MML- Conference on Mackinaw Island
  • Audience Recognition:
    • Thomas- Would like to start looking into a Sidewalk Caulk Art festival one weekend this summer- Would like to take a fieldstone and have it engraved with the Village Established date
    • Childs- Fairgrove Village Dump was thought to be a shared cost with Fairgrove Township was cleared up that Township Residents are not using the Dump but are willing to assist in the cleanup- FYI Prusi located information regarding the dump and will providing it to the Council
    • Fire Department Fish Fry dates: March 13 & 20 April 3 & 10
    • Ball- looking for update on the Center Street project- Center Street East is being discussed with the County- Townley is estimating and providing the engineering- time frame is two years before work to begin some of the up-front cost will have to come from the Village
    • Cathy Childs- Would like the Park to be considered for the budget would really like to bring life back to the park since the is used a lot by the Community – Looking for possibility of Funding or Grant- Looking at a possible a Facebook survey idea – lights and cameras for the park also


  • Motion by Stevens to adjourn the meeting at 8:21 pm 2nd by McIntosh Meeting adjourned     


Next meeting: March 2, 2020 @ 6:30


Respectfully Submitted


Cristi Smith- Clerk                                                                                                                              Posted 02/04/2020 @ 12:00 pm  

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