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Council Meetings

Below is the information requested about this meeting.
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06/17/2019 DPW Hire Equipment Audit Special
Monday, June 17, 20195:45 PM


Village of Fairgrove

will hold a Special Meeting


On June 17, 2019

At 5:45 p.m.

This meeting will be held

at the Village of Fairgrove Hall

5005 W. Center St. Fairgrove



This meeting will be for the purpose of:

Hiring for the DPW Position

Equipment Bids

Audit updates


This notice is posted in compliance with PA267 of 1976 as amended, MCLA 41.72a (2)(3) and American Disabilities Act.


Posted 06/13/2019 @ 1:00pm

Cristi L. Smith



Fairgrove Village Council Special Meeting

06/17/2019 @5:49 pm

In attendance: Nelson/McIntosh/ Phelps/ Childs Absent: Stevens


  • Welcome remarks led by Childs
  • Pledge of Allegiance led by Childs
  • Approval of agenda for 06/17/2019
    • Motion by Phelps to approve the Agenda 06/17/2019-2nd by McIntosh Motion carried 4/0/1
  • Approval of meeting minutes from 06/03/2019
    • Motion by Nelson to approve the 06/03/2019 Minutes with some minor corrections 2nd by McIntosh motion carried 4/0/1
  • Audience Recognition
    • None
  • Application for DPW position
    • Offer the Position to Tony Thomas
    • Hours are Part Time 8 hours a day 3 days a week (Days TBD)
    • Probation of 60 days then continued employment before the Council
    • Subject to background check
    • $13.00 per hour no benefits
    • Carl Childs to be immediate Supervisor
    • Part time $13.00 per hour and flexible times
    • Motion by MacIntosh to offer Tony Thomas the DPW Position 2nd by Nelson motion carried 4/0/1
  • Hall Cleaning
    • Haley no longer available
    • Repost on website and library
    • Motion by Nelson to post the cleaning position 2nd by McIntosh Motion carried 4/0/01
  • Weeds around the Hall
    • Weeds around the Village are taking over
    • Motion by McIntosh to allow James Goody to begin work on removing the weeds and pay out of petty cash 2nd by Nelson motion carried 4/0/1




  • Equipment Bids
    • Lajoie Original Bid of $3,202.00 has been rescinded on K30 86 Chevy
    • Lajoie resubmitted a bid of $$2,202 on K30 86 Chevy since the original tires were removed after he inspected the truck, he rebid Motion by Nelson to accept the new bid of $2,202- 2nd by McIntosh roll call vote: Yes; Nelson/ McIntosh/ Phelps/ Childs No; None Absent; Stevens Motion carried 4/0/1
    •  Bid of $400 from Ron Thomas for 86 Ford Econoline Motion by Nelson to accept the bid of $400.00 2nd by McIntosh roll call vote: Yes; Nelson/ McIntosh/ Phelps/ Childs No; None Absent; Stevens Motion carried 4/0/1
  • Audit update
    • Checking accounts are being requested to be opened by ATB&D  for the following account to create a better accounting practice for these accounts: Major Roads/ Minor Roads/ Local Streets/ Equipment rental/ Sewer Motion by Nelson to approve the opening of the checking accounts at Chemical Bank 2nd by McIntosh motion carried 4/0/1
    • Bookkeeper is being suggested by ATB&D to clean up and start the new checking accounts also by the Clerk so some accounting issue do not keep happening Ms. Streeter is current a Bookkeeper and available to assist the Village (known by the Clerk) Motion by McIntosh to hire Streeter for 16 hours at the rate of $25.00 to assist the Clerk in the new check books 2nd by Nelson Motion carried 4/0/1
    • Fire Truck Repayment of $64,000
      • Revoking the inter-loan agreement of 11-5-2018 as explained by ATB&D Motion by Nelson to revoke the inter loan agreement 2nd by Phelps Motion carried 4/0/1
      • Revoke Fire Truck motion to repay Meeting Minutes dated 03/27/2019 since the $64,000 fire truck payment came out of General Fund there is no need for the Fire Department to repay this money it is already out of General Fund Motion by Nelson to revoke Minutes from 03/2/72019 2nd by Phelps motion carried 4/0/1
    • Blight
      • Clerk would like the Village attorney to review the 5085 W. Center Rd. documents before we award a demolition contract
      • Motion by Nelson to have Clerk supplied Village attorney with the steps and Letters the Village have done regarding the Demolition of 5085 W. Center before awarding a demolition contract 2nd by McIntosh Motion carried 4/0/1
    • E-mail issue
      • Since there is a new computer being installed, we are unable to locate the username and password for the Village Hotmail account unable to load onto the Clerk’s computer Motion by Phelps to set up a Village e-mail from G-MAIL 2nd by McIntosh motion carried 4/0/1




  • Fire Run Bill
    • Cornes Bill from 04/28/2018 sent 05/25/18 then sent 03/4/19 and 04/10/19 not paid need to decide if taking to court for payment or send to auditors as bad debt?
    • Motion by Phelps to submit as bad debt 2nd by Childs motion carried 4/0/1

Next meeting July 1st, 2019 @ 6:30






Respectfully Submitted

Cristi Smith Clerk


Posted 06/18/2019 @ 12:30 PM

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