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Fairgrove Village Special 12-17-2018Special
Wednesday, December 31, 19697:00 PM
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A special meeting was called at 6:30 p.m. by President Childs to discuss the Fairgrove Fire Department  truck purchase and advertising the Village Clerk’s position.

Agenda Item #1. Fairgrove Fire Department truck purchase.

President Childs welcomed invited guests Fairgrove and Gilford supervisors as interested members of the Fairgrove Fire Board.  The Juniata supervisor was also invited but unable to attend.

President Childs outlined the current situation regarding the purchase of the new fire truck.  At the current time, Fairgrove Township, Gilford Township and the Village of Fairgrove have either provided payment for their share or (in the case of the village) arraigned for an internal fund loan.  Only Juniata Township has not provided payment for their share. Furthermore, Juniata Township has not confirmed that payment is forthcoming.

President Childs read a text received from Supervisor Tetil. The text indicated that the treasurer and deputy treasurer were working toward discussing finances in their January meeting but made no commitment to pay the Juniata fire truck share.

The president further outlined that the village had two options.  1. To pay for the vehicle in full upon receipt or 2. Lease the vehicle at a rate of $300 per day. 

The issue was discussed at length.

Fire board members Fairgrove and Gilford townships both suggested that if the Village required funds to make the vehicle purchase price upon receipt, they would discuss the issue with their boards and seek to make funds available to the village to secure the fire truck. The terms suggested and discussed were 3.5% over 10 years with no attorney or drafting fees. 

Cathy Phelps made a motion to have the Village Attorney draft a letter to Juniata Township requiring an answer on their commitment to pay for their portion of the fire truck and requiring the funds be paid by January 1, 2019.  If the funds were not forthcoming by that time, the Village should request the support funds from the townships as a loan with the discussed terms. Doug Stevens seconded the motion.  The roll call vote was in favor. 5-0. Cathy Phelps –Aye, Kristin Nelson –Aye, Doug Stevens –Aye, Troy McIntosh –Aye, Carl Childs –Aye.

Agenda Item #2. Village Clerk’s Position

The council discussed the job description of the village clerk located on the village website and determined it was acceptable to use as a hiring document.


The council drafted a want ad to be placed in the Advertiser for the clerk’s position. Kristen Nelson made a motion to place the ad in the December 22 and 26, 2018 Advertiser with submissions due by December 28, 2018.  Troy McIntosh seconded the motion. The roll call vote was in favor 5-0. Cathy Phelps –Aye, Kristin Nelson –Aye, Doug Stevens –Aye, Troy McIntosh –Aye, Carl Childs –Aye.

After further discussion, Kristin Nelson amended her motion to required submissions by December 28, 2018  but accept any that arrive until January 3, 2019. Doug Stevens seconded the motion and the roll call vote was in favor 5-0. Cathy Phelps –Aye, Kristin Nelson –Aye, Doug Stevens –Aye, Troy McIntosh –Aye, Carl Childs –Aye.

President Childs will ensure the ad is placed in the Advertiser.

Upon request and since the entire council was in attendance, the president opened the agenda.

  • The council discussed the recent changes in the marijuana law. President Childs is working with the village attorney on legal options.

  • The hazardous building hearing will be held at the next regular meeting (January). Certified notice has been sent.

  • The council discussed the request by the Fairgrove Volunteer Firefighters for a resolution to recognize the group as a local non-profit. The resolution was approved in 2017.

  • A discussion ensued regarding open positions in the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals and the requirement to follow Title II requirements (Imposed by the USDA Grant). Open posting at normal public locations meets the advertising requirement.


 The meeting was declared adjourned at 8:13. 


Respectfully submitted,

Heidi Stark, Clerk

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