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Public Hearing Ordiance #67 Motor Vehicle & PPublic Hearing
Monday, July 9, 20186:45 PM

Proposed Ordinance under discussion.


67 Motor Vehicle and Parking in the Park


Section 1. Motor vehicle and parking in Village Park


(a) No person shall operate or park any motor vehicle of any kind, including ATV, snowmobiles and motorcycles, upon any park land, including public footpaths, except on public roads and designated parking areas.



(b) No person shall leave, or cause to be left, any motor vehicle upon park property.  The Village is authorized to remove any such motor vehicle at the owner's expense.



Section 2. Exceptions


  1. Except motorized vehicle and or persons authorized by the Clerk, Village President and/or by motion of the Council.


Section 3. Penalty


(a) Any person or entity that violates any provision of this Ordinance shall be responsible for

a municipal civil infraction and subject to payment of a civil fine of not less than One Hundred and 00/100 ($100.00) Dollars, plus costs and other sanctions as set forth in Civil Infraction Ordinance No. 49 for each infraction. Repeat violations of this Ordinance shall

be subject to increased fines and other sanctions as provided by Ordinance No. 49. Furthermore, any violation shall be subject to such injunctive relief as granted by the Court.





Fairgrove Village Council Minutes

Public Hearing Meeting

July 9, 2018


A public ordinance hearing was called at 6:45 p.m. by President Pro Tem Phelps to discuss ordinance #67  MOTOR VEHICLE AND PARKING IN THE PARK


PRESENT:  C. Phelps, T. McIntosh, K. Nelson

PUBLIC:  Many that did not sign in.

President Pro Tem Phelps summarized the ordinance.

The board discussed the ordinance.

President Pro Tem Phelps requested public comment.  Hearing none, President Pro Tem Phelps closed the Public Hearing at 6:53.

Respectfully submitted.


Heidi Stark

Fairgrove Village Clerk

Atch: Ordinance #67

Ordinance #67 approved at Regular Board Meeting July 9, 2018

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