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Council Meetings

Below is the information requested about this meeting.
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Regular 9/8/08Regular
Monday, September 8, 20087:30 PM
September 8, 2008
   ROLL CALL – Maguire, Prusi, Eurich, Farnum, Wassa, Adams
   APPROVE MINUTES – August 4, 2008 Regular Meeting
                  A. Tuscola County EDC – Contribution Thank You & Update
                  B. Cass River Habitat for Humanity – Thank You
                  A. Bids – Lot 1 Hillcrest Subdivision
                                    -- 5020 W Center Street
     A. Sanitary Sewer Station Repairs
                  A.   Approve Disbursements
September 8, 2008
Present: Maguire, Eurich, Farnum, Adams
Absent: Prusi, Wassa
Vacant: One
The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by President Maguire.
Motion Eurich second Farnum to accept the August 4, 2008 regular meeting minutes as printed.    Carried.
Earl Ball and Steve Young both stated that they were concerned about vandalism by minors. Todd Humpert, representing the Michigan Bean Festival, stated that the new motor sports area worked out very well and that overall the festival was a success.
Assistant Fire Chief Baur reported the department had 3 runs and 2 assists for August. 
DPW employee Donnie Englehart presented the council with estimates to repair two sanitary lift stations.
Motion Adams second Eurich to accept Hydrodynamics Inc. quote to repair the Circle Drive sanitary sewer lift station for $9062.32 and the high school sanitary sewer lift station for $7756.46    Carried.
Motion Eurich second Farnum to amend the 2008-09 Sewer Fund budget by increasing the Contracted Services account by $16,800.    Carried.
The clerk was instructed to write a letter to the A-F Board of Operations stating our concern for the manner in which the lagoon was recently shutdown to make repairs and how that quick decision had adverse effects on the village’s sanitary sewer system.
Motion Adams second Eurich to invoice the A-F Board of Operations for charges incurred by Dependable Sewer Cleaners for $300 during the recent lagoon shutdown for repairs.    Carried.
MotionAdams second Eurich to purchase budgeted trees.    Carried.
Street Committee Chair Eurich reported that Wade-Trim Inc. had completed the required Slack Road bridge inspection and also an inspection of the culvert on S. Main Street. The report included some repairs to make in the vicinity of the culvert.
Correspondence was received from Tuscola County Economic Development Corporation thanking the village for its contribution and from Cass River Habitat for Humanity thanking the village for use of the Mulberry Park pavilion during its annual bike ride.
At the August 4, 2008 the council opened bids for two village properties. Earl Ball addressed the council and stated that he would like to withdraw his bid of $555 for
5020 W Center Street.
MotionFarnum second Eurich to accept the bid from Brenda Wojt for $1500 for Lot 1 of Hillcrest Subdivision. 2 Yea    2 Nay    Defeated.
Discussion ensued regarding the police department and the number of hours that were being worked. President Maguire will schedule either a police committee meeting or a special council meeting to discuss the department with the Police Chief.
Motion Eurich second Adams to pay bills of approximately $14,440.10.    Carried.
Meeting adjourned at 9:12 p.m.                               
Bev Parsell, Clerk                                                                              
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