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Special Mtg- McLuney St 7-24-2018Special
Tuesday, July 24, 20187:00 PM

Discussion of the McLuney Street Project


Fairgrove Village Council Minutes

Special Meeting

July 24, 2018




A special meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Troy McIntosh to discuss the McLuney Street Project.  


PRESENT:  Kristin Nelson, Doug Stevens and Troy McIntosh


PUBLIC:  Members of the public were in attendance


Clerk Stark provided a project overview, provided documentation, contract, engineering drawings and information as requested by the board. The board led a public discussion regarding the project.


Doug Stevens made a motion to continue the McLuney street project as outlined, designed and managed by Townley Engineering. No second was made.


Kristin Nelson made a motion to table signing the contract and empower the clerk to do the following 1. engage the engineer to determine if the contract remains available and 2, if the contract remains viable schedule a meeting with him to discuss the project with the board. Troy McIntosh seconded the motion. The vote was 2-1.


The clerk indicated that if time was a factor she would attempt to schedule a special meeting on July 31 at 7 PM. 


Kristin Nelson made a motion to adjourn. Doug Stevens seconded. Tory McIntosh adjourned the meeting at 8:07 PM.


This is a true and accurate accounting of the public hearing held on July 24, 2018



H Stark

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