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Planning Commission 4/16/2018Planning
Monday, April 16, 20186:30 PM
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Fairgrove Village Planning Commission

Meeting Minutes

April 16, 2018


Present: C. Childs, G. Jeffers, V. Young, T. Wassa


Childs called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm


Jeffers discussed issue related to blight and blight enforcement.  Further discussion talked about a Dog Ordinance regulating dogs in the park.  The commission also discussed an ordinance to deal with motorized vehicles in the park and making a recommendation to the council for future contracting for ordinance enforcement.


Childs brought up changes to zoning in the downtown district.  Childs suggested that the village should considered losing up the zoning and allowing the 1st floor of the buildings for residential.  Current zoning prohibits 1st floor residential dwellings in the Business District.


Childs was wondering if the Planning Commission’s book was brought up to date.  Wassa advised that all recommendations were updated in the book and it was approved by the council.  Wassa advised that some members of the council thought the Planning Commission should remove outdated historical content.  The Planning Commission will take it under advisement for future updates.


Further discussion took place relating to building use for business rentals.  A possible ordinance should be considered by the village to include buildings that are being rented for businesses must have their own water, sewer hookup, and restrooms. 


Childs suggested that the commission survey the village tax payers/residents to guide the commission, as well as the village council.  Jeffers and Wassa will do some research on developing a survey. 


Meeting was adjured at 7:30 pm.

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