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Fire Board meeting 06/06/2018Fire Board
Wednesday, June 6, 20187:00 PM
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Village of Fairgrove

Fire Board Meeting

June 6, 2018

7:00 pm


Present:  Juniata Township, Fairgrove Township, Gilford Township, Village of Fairgrove, Fairgrove Fire Department


Keith Aeder made a motion to approve the minutes of the December 6, 2017 Fire board.  Tom Wassa seconded.  The minutes were approved 3-0.


Chief Young provided a report on the fire runs for the last fiscal year (April 2017/March 2018).


The Fairgrove Volunteer Fire Department has purchased a multi-gas detector and an infrared camera for the department. They are planning to purchase an Auto Crib set for the department and LED incident lights to mount of the engine for 2018.


Chief Young expressed a need for roughly 20 replacement helmets.  The estimated cost of helmets, leather fronts and hoods should total less than $10,000. (Estimated each, Helmet $250, Fronts $10, Hoods $85)


Fairgrove Township- The township has a AED in the vestibule for community gatherings such as the Bean Festival.  The Department confirmed that their AED unit is also available and travels with the department.


Fairgrove Township/Gilford Township- Both townships have a millage question on the August ballot.  The millage includes funding for the new fire truck.


The clerk updated the board on the SCBA grant.  The village audit has been scheduled for July 16 and 17..


The clerk reported that the final payment for the tanker truck has been paid.  Final invoices for the Fire Board Members will be sent this month reflecting their final payment amount. (Fairgrove prepaid)


The Fairgrove Fire Department will continue to look for additional options for the replacement fire truck. The clerk will keep the members updated on the cost, options and delivery date.


The Department is looking for assistance in writing grants.


The next meeting is December 5 at 7 PM.


Meeting dispersed at 8:23


Submitted by H. Stark



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