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Regular 3/05/2018Regular
Monday, March 5, 20186:30 PM
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March 5, 2018


PRESENT: Cathy Phelps, Troy McIntosh, Doug Steven, Tom Wassa.  

Visitors were present.


Council meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM.














  • March Agenda.  Motion to approve the March Agenda as amended made by Cathy Phelps and supported by Troy McIntosh. All in favor (4-0).
  • Council Meeting Minutes- February 5, 2018. Troy McIntosh moved to approve the minutes.  Doug Stevens seconded. Motion carried (4-0).


           There was no public comment.



  • Fire Department–
    • Chief Young updated the board on fire runs (3) for the month of January 2018 and put the fire run report on file. The three runs were mutual assist runs. The Chief reports five runs thus far for the Calendar year. 
    • The clerk has ordered the door locks for the hall and they should arrive this week.
    • The department needs to conduct an ID card review. Not every member has received their ID card.
    • The Fire Department continues to look at ways to reduce the price of a potential new fire truck. The Council is seeking ways to cover the cost.
  • DPW-
    • The smart meters for all the lift stations have been installed. The electric box on main was hit.  The electrician banged it back into shape and the box remains useable.
    • The storm drain on Main Street is blocked at the Rail Road tracks and seems connected to the track repair completed in 2017.  The Clerk has contacted Huron and Eastern.  They will address the issue with MDOT.
    • The lift station at Circle (recirculating) and Pump #2 at Shreeves (power flux) will be examined the week of 5 March.
    • DPW discussed sewer and water system updates, and began projecting for spring, park, and brush clean up. 
    • Water testing now needs to be accomplished every year in the hall.
    • The Bean Festival Easter egg hunt will occur at the end of the month. The Park portable toilet will be delivered early to cover the event.
    • The village is considering dates for a spring cleanup.


    • None



            The council had no unfinished business.

  • The Council discussed budget amendments for the 2017/2018 fiscal year. Troy McIntosh made a motion to the 2017/2018 Budget Expenses for the General Fund in the following categories: 726 Supplies to $15,500; 970 Capital Expenditures to $103,000; 990 Debt Services $70,800 (RC 4-0).  Cathy Phelps seconded the motion and the role call vote was in favor (4-0)

Brad Phelps - Aye

Cathy Phelps- Aye

Doug Stevens - Aye

Tom Wassa - Aye

  • Troy McIntosh moved to amend the 2017/2018 Budget Income for the General Fund in the following categories: 401 Taxes $77,500; 628 Fire Services $13,000; 629 Fire Contracts $111,500; 671 Misc Other income $77,000.  Cathy Phelps seconded the motion and the Roll call vote was in favor. (RC 4-0). 

Brad Phelps - Aye

Cathy Phelps- Aye

Doug Stevens - Aye

Tom Wassa - Aye

Most of the budget changes were caused by the purchase of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for the Fairgrove Fire Department.

A school sign and a speed sign have been damaged during the winter.  In addition the Street sign for Circle Drive is also missing.  Troy McIntosh made a motion to remove the school sign, affect repairs to the speed sign and order a replacement Circle Drive sign. Doug Stevens seconded the motion and the vote was in favor. (4-0)


Reopen Public Comment


Cathy Childs discussed a public project to refresh and renew Mulberry Park. Potential improvements and areas for attention included sand under the playground equipment, tree donations, reviving the donation brick program and repair of the play scape.  She requested the clerk be authorized to manage the donation funds for the project.  Troy McIntosh moved that the clerk be given the authority to manage a partitioned sub fund of the general fund and collect donation on behalf of the park project. Doug Stevens seconded the motion and the vote was in favor (4-0)



  • Doug Stevens moved to pay the February disbursements (Attached) totaling    $12,459.52  Cathy Phelps seconded. The motion was approved.

Troy McIntosh -Aye

Cathy Phelps - Aye

Doug Stevens - Aye

Tom Wassa - Aye



  • Motion to adjourn made by Troy McIntosh. Seconded by Doug Stevens. The vote was in favor (4-0).  Meeting adjourned at 7:42 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,                                                        


Heidi Stark

Fairgrove Village Clerk

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