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Public Hearing Ordinance #66 Trimming and Removal Public Hearing
Monday, October 2, 20177:00 PM





Ordinance #66 Trimming and Removal of Trees on Private Property


The Fairgrove Village Council will consider a new Ordinance to the Village Zoning Ordinance at a special hearing, 7:00 PM, October 2, 2017 at the Village of Fairgrove town hall.


Ordinance #66 requires trees on private property where the branches extend over a public roadway or public place or could become a traffic hazard be trimmed or removed to remove the obstruction.  Trees must also provide a clear vision area 14 ft in height over all roadways.

Property owners will be given written notice of violation and at least 10 days to correct the issue unless there is an immediate hazard. Failure to correct the deficiency authorizes the village to enter the property, correct and clear the obstruction and charge the costs against the landowner. Cost will be placed on the next village tax role.  


Further, trees or shrubs on private property that interferes with the proper spread of light from streetlights are also subject to the above notification and remediation process.


Residents are encouraged to summit comments and concerns at the special hearing or in writing to the clerk. A full and complete copy of Ordinance #66 can be obtained by contacting the Village Clerk’s Office, 5005 Center St. Fairgrove MI, 48733.  855.250.3894


Heidi Stark

Village Clerk

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