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Fire Board 12/6/2017Fire Board
Wednesday, December 6, 20177:00 PM
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Village of Fairgrove

Fire Board Meeting

December 6, 2017

7:00 pm


Present:  Juniata Township, Fairgrove Township, Gilford Township, Village of Fairgrove, Fairgrove Fire Department



The Fairgrove Fire Chief presented the statistics for the year to date and answered questions regarding specifics fire runs and excess hours.  A Notable out liner included a 104 hour run for Fairgrove Township.  Mutual Aid Response continues to require a significant portion of department resources.


The Fairgrove Fire Department currently maintains a force of 20 members.  One will retire on January 1, 2018.


The new Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) equipment is working very well. The department reports that for structure fires it is a game changer. Fairgrove SCBA equipment is compatible with Akron's Equipment but not Caro (mask connection is different).


The Fairgrove Fire Department Association (Non-profit benefit group organized and operated by the Fire Fighters Purchased an infrared camera for the FFD's use.  This has been of great value to locate victims and decrease rekindling fires.


The department is considering a multi-gas sensor to detect oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and lower explosive limit (LEL).


The FFD current main engine (pumper) is rapidly reaching non-certification. Scott (CSI FIre Equipment) presented an option with the specifications that would work for Fairgrove.  The 2018 Engine lists at $438,062.  If it is committed to during 2017, the price would reduce to $431,062.   SCSI also offered an additional $5k reduction if the vehicle attended two specified fire shows.  The end price would be $426, 062.


CSI suggested two funding options to assist with purchase. 1. John Hill provides many grant, financing and funding assistance options for small municipalities.  Of particular interest may be a "lease" option for a number of years (12-15 is not unusual for a "lease to own option). 2. Another option is a local loan.


After discussion, the Fire Board determined that each municipality needs to examine their finances before committing to the expenditure.  The Village Clerk will investigate available funding options.


The Board asked if the FFD burning permit policy was currently in effect.  The department confirmed the process was as provided to the Board.


The FFD reports that there is a new emergency siren now installed and operational.  The siren was received from Tuscola County and purchased through a grant obtained by the county.  FFD paid a total of $2,800 for their portion of the $20,800 piece of equipment. 



The next meeting is June 6 at 7 PM.


The meeting dispersed at 8:37


Submitted by H. Stark


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