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Regular 11/6/2017Regular
Monday, November 6, 20176:30 PM
No meeting agenda information posted at this time. Please try back later.


November 6, 2017


PRESENT: Brad Phelps, Tina Wassa, Troy McIntosh, Tom Wassa (P).  

Visitors were present

Council meeting was called to order at 6:32 PM.

  • November Agenda.  Motion to accept agenda as amended made by Brad Phelps. Second by Troy McIntosh. All in favor (4-0).
  • Council Meeting Minutes- October 2, 2017.  Troy McIntosh moved to approve the minutes.  Brad Phelps seconded. Motion carried (4-0).
  • Public Hearing Minutes- October 2, 2017.  Brad Phelps moved to approve the minutes. Second by Troy McIntosh. All in favor (4-0).



  • Members of the public complemented Fred Gabe and the rest of the crew for an excellent Job on leaf pick-up.
  • A member of the public comments on the blight in the downtown and questioned is the village could do anything to encourage clean up.
  • Gary Glenn addressed the audience and board and requested their support  in his bid for Mike Green’s seat, 31st Senate District.



  • Fire Department–
    • The Fire Department requested the board’s approval on adding Kyle Ruiz to the department’s ranks.  Cathy Phelps moved that we accept Kyle Ruiz as a new firefighter. Troy McIntosh seconded the motion and the motion was approved 4-0.
    • There were 7 runs recorded in the month of October.          
  • DPW-
    • DPW reports leaf collection is going well and will be ongoing.
    • The removal of wood from the tree removal is nearly complete.
    • Dependable Sewer has completed 3 of 4 lift station cleanings. Shreeves was too wet to complete during their visit.
    • Cal Prime and the DPW will be winterizing the park and Bean building this week.


    • The clerk reviewed the recently completed audit for the year ending March 31, 2017



            The council had no unfinished business.



  • The Board has received a resignation letter from Tina Wassa. Troy McIntosh moved to accept the resignation. Brad Phelps seconded the motion. The resignation was accepted. 4-0.
  • Doug Stevens expressed interest in filling the vacant seat on the village council. Brad Phelps moved to appoint Doug Stevens to fill the empty seat (due for election in 2020). Cathy Phelps seconded the motion. The role call vote was in favor (4-0).

Troy McIntosh- Aye

Brad Phelps- Aye

Cathy Phelps- Aye

Tom Wassa- Aye

  • Hydrodynamics have prepared several proposals with suggested improvements for the village sewer system.
    • The replacement pump for the Thomas Rd. lift station (school) can be ordered for an estimated cost (includes installation) of $8334. Brad Phelps moved that the village should engage Hydrodynamics, Inc. to purchase and install a new pump for the Thomas Road lift station for an estimated cost of $8334.00  Troy McIntosh seconded the motion and the Role call vote was in favor.
    • Hydrodynamics suggested the village consider replacing the “Floats” in each lift station.  The board decided to not consider the suggestion at this time.
    • A proposal for annual maintenance and inspection was tabled until April 2018.



  • Troy McIntosh moved to pay the October disbursements (Attached) totaling $ 22607.46  Doug Stevens seconded. The motion was approved.

Troy McIntosh - Aye

Brad Phelps- Aye

Cathy Phelps- Aye

Doug Stevens – Aye

Tom Wassa - Aye     


Motion to adjourn made by Brad Phelps. Seconded by Troy McIntosh. The vote was in favor (5-0).  Meeting adjourned at 7:20 PM.




Respectfully Submitted,                                                        


Heidi Stark

Fairgrove Village Clerk


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