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Council Meetings

Below is the information requested about this meeting.
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Regular 11/7/2016Regular
Monday, November 7, 20167:00 PM



Nov 7, 2016 – 7:00pm


  • ROLL CALL – Wassa, Maguire, B. Phelps, C. Phelps
    • Regular Council Meeting – Oct 3, 2016



  • Fire
    • Fire Run Report
  • Clerk’s Items
    • public hearing, Nov 21 at 9 AM Lansing
    • Received Planning Commission minutes
    • Received Fairgrove township Master Plan




    • Village Facebook


    • RR signage bill
    • Approve transaction list for October




November 7th, 2016

PRESENT: D. Maguire, B. Phelps, C. Phelps

Visitors included:


Fern Young

Steve Young

Gwen Jeffers

Troy McIntosh

Jami McIntosh

                        Jim Humpert

            Jackie Stevens

And others that did not sign in.


Council meeting was called to order at 7 PM.


  • November Agenda.  Motion to accept agenda made by C. Phelps.  Second by B. Phelps. All in favor (3-0), motion carried.
  • Council Meeting Minutes- October 3rd, 2016.  B Phelps moved to approve the minutes. C. Phelps seconded the motion. The minutes were approved 3-0.


  • The proposed tree removal was discussed.  An audience member suggested the tree at the DPW building should be added to the list.
  • An audience member requested an update on the DPW situation and if a part time DPW employee might be preferable to the current situation.  The council will consider the cost and rewards of the situation. 
  • The audience asked when leaves would be collected. The Village has an agreement with Akron for manpower to collect the leaves. A text reply form the Akron DPW indicated he would be back in the village during the upcoming week.
  • The holiday display in the village was discussed.  Two problems exist. First, DTE took the holiday display brackets when they changed out the light fixtures. New brackets need to be procured. Second, at the time, DTE indicated that the village was not authorized to hang displays on their light poles.  They have also sent conflicting messaging indicating the amount of upcharge for pole use.  The clerk will attempt to get a clearer answer from DTE.
  • The Spirit of Fairgrove lighted Christmas parade is on December 2nd.  Village residents are encouraged to attend the parade and join the community at the church for cookies with Santa.  The Village is also sponsoring a Holiday Magic Contest (home yard decoration/spirit contest). The contest will be judged on November 27th.



  • Fire – The FD responded to 3 emergency calls in October. Runs included two manpower assists to Caro and a manpower and tacker assist to Akron.
  • The department educated students in kindergarten thru 2nd grade at Akron Elementary on fire safety.
  • The Chief attended an Active shooter class in October and will attend a Bomb Recognition class in November.
  • Members of the department attended training in the National Incident Management System at Caro. Members continue to attend FF1 and FF2 training.
  • The FD handed out more than 200 safety light sticks for Halloween.
    • DTE will hold a public hearing, November 21st, 9AM in Lansing. The information was made available to the public.
    • The clerk has received a copy of the 3rd (Oct/Nov/Dec) quarter Planning Commission meeting.
    • The village received a copy of the Fairgrove Township Master Plan adopted by Fairgrove Township on March 21, 2016.  The plan will be on file in the clerk’s office.




  • There was no unfinished business discussed.




  • C. Phelps suggested the village make an official facebook page in order to centralize discussion.
  • The clerk provided additional information on the TC Road Commission bill questioned last month.  The bill was for the RR signs replaced on Shreeves Rd. in early summer.  The previous signs were identified as delinquent by the SOM.  The signs are township responsibly as we are responsible for the road.  Motion to approve the bill made by B. Phelps. Seconded by C. Phelps.
  • Cathy Nagy requested the board consider her beauty shop location be billed at the residential sewer rate.  She currently has 5 clients and is the only beautician at the shop. C. Phelps moved to bill Cathy Nagy’s Beauty Shop at the residential rate. B. Phelps seconded.  The vote was approved 3-0.



  • Motion to approve October disbursements totaling $ 19018.76.  Motion to pay the bills made by C. Phelps and seconded by B. Phelps (Attached). The motion was approved.

B. Phelps - Aye

C. Phelps – Aye

D. Maguire – Aye



Motion to adjourn made by B Phelps, Seconded by C. Phelps. Vote in favor (3-0)

Meeting adjourned at 7:42 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,                                                        


Heidi Stark

Fairgrove Village Clerk

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