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Council Meetings

Below is the information requested about this meeting.
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Regular 10/3/2016Regular
Monday, October 3, 20167:00 PM



Oct 3, 2016 – 7:00pm


  • ROLL CALL – Wassa, Maguire, B. Phelps, C. Phelps
    • Regular Council Meeting – Sep 12, 2016



  • Fire
    • Fire Run Report
  • Clerk’s Items
    • DTE public hearing, Oct 4, 9AM Lansing
    • Write-in forms for election


    • Land Sale – 1 bid.
    • DPW Review
    • Leaf pick up


    • Key lock box
    • Trees /Brush
    • Coyotes


    • Approve transaction list for September




October 3rd, 2016


PRESENT: T. Wassa, D. Maguire, B. Phelps, C. Phelps

Visitors included:


Fern Young

Walli Prusi

Jackie Stevens


And others that did not sign in.


Council meeting was called to order at 7 PM.


  • October Agenda.  Motion to accept agenda with the addition of three new business items, village trees, coyotes and key lock box. Motion made by B. Phelps.  Second by C. Phelps. All in favor (4-0), motion carried.
  • Council Meeting Minutes- September  5th, 2016.  D. Maguire moved to approve the minutes. B. Phelps seconded the motion. The minutes were approved 4-0.


  • The audience noted that children had been leaving water on in the park.  The village will ensure the water is turned off.
  • Speeding continues to be an issue in the village. The village will investigate methods to raise awareness.
  • A member required that the village ensure flags are hung in the village. – Especially for May.  The village needs to investigate purchasing new brackets for the flags and holiday decorations to replace those taken when DTE replaced the village light poles.
  • The Spirit of Fairgrove lighted Christmas parade is on December 2nd.  The village will put the Holiday Magic Contest (home yard decoration/spirit contest) and request for cookie donations on the webpage.  The village will also ensure the port-a-potty is moved for the event.



  • Fire – The FD responded to 4 emergency calls in August. Runs included An illegal burn in Akron
  • The Fire Department requested permission to bring two new firefighters (Nathen Klatt and Ronald Stewart) into the department. B. Phelps moved to add the two new members to the department roster.  D. Maguire seconded.   The vote was in favor (4-0)
  • The department requests permission to put 3 new firefighters in to FF1 and FF2 training. Two additional member required FF2 training. (total of 5) D. Maguire moved to approve the training at an estimated cost of $2650  (3@$590 + 2@$440). B. Phelps seconded. The Roll Call vote was in favor (4-0).

B. Phelps - Aye

C. Phelps – Aye

D. Maguire – Aye

T. Wassa –Aye

    • DTE will hold a public hearing, Oct 4, 9AM in Lansing. The information was made available to the public.
    • The clerk has write in forms for those individuals interested in running for a Council seat. The seat of President, 1 two year term member seat and 2 four year term member seats will be filled on November 8th.




  • The board reviewed the cost thus far for DPW related activities and noted a reasonable savings thus far this year. The costs for the sewer system is slightly higher for DPW related expenses. 



  • The Fire Department is working with Akron to prepare the Vacuum truck for the fall leaf pick up. 
  • The Council have reviewed the trees in the village and identified the following trees that require attention.  

4940 Poplar

5028 McLuney (tree nearest to the driveway)

5043 McLuney

Liberty Street (4th tree from the corner)


      D. Maguire moved to have Kappen address the trees. C. Phelps seconded the motion and the Roll Call vote was in favor (4-0).

B. Phelps - Aye

C. Phelps – Aye

D. Maguire – Aye

T. Wassa –Aye

  • The village received one bid on parcel number 036-500-200-0100-00 lot 1and associated portion of the same parcel lot 11 by Michael Harmon in the amount of $50.00. B Phelps moved to accept the bid. C Phelps seconded.  The Roll Call vote was in favor.

B. Phelps - Aye

C. Phelps – Aye

D. Maguire – Aye

T. Wassa –Aye


  • The president suggested the village purchase a programmable Lock Box to assist in key accessibility.  The clerk will purchase a programmable key box.


  • The council discussed a recent increase in Coyote pack activity in the village and village park. This has raised safety concerns. The only method available to the village to remove the animals is having a State certified Animal Control officer trap them.  The initial cost to begin the trapping process would be $150. D. Maguire moved to have the village begin the process to remove the animals. T. Wassa seconded the motion.  The Roll Call Vote failed.

B. Phelps - Nay

C. Phelps – Nay

D. Maguire – Aye

T. Wassa –Aye





  • Motion to approve September disbursements totaling $ 14344.94 minus the Tuscola County Road Commission Bill (More information desired).  Motion to pay the bills made by D. Maguire and seconded by B. Phelps (Attached). The motion was approved.

B. Phelps - Aye

C. Phelps – Aye

D. Maguire – Aye

T. Wassa - Aye


Motion to adjourn made by D. Maguire, Seconded by C. Phelps. Vote in favor (4-0)

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,                                                        


Heidi Stark

Fairgrove Village Clerk

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