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Fire Board 6/14/2016Fire Board
Tuesday, June 14, 20167:00 PM

BI-annual Fire Board meeting with Fiargrove, Juniata and GIlford Townships.

Purpose is to discuss the status of the Fairgrove Fire Department.


Village of Fairgrove

Fire Board Meeting

June 14, 2016


The townships have requested additional information relating to the finances of the Fire Department and fire run reports.  They would like breakdowns on the Fire Department’s finances, to include income and what each township contributes, paid, or hasn’t paid.  This would be in addition to the quarterly reports, which are currently provided to Fairgrove Township.  They would also like the top half of the fire run reports that Chief Young currently gives to the Fairgrove Council monthly.  Chief Young stated that he would compile that yearly report.


Furthermore, the Townships would like fire run revenue finances, current balance and an average of fire run revenues for the past 5 years, to include the cost of collections of fire runs (clerk, court and other cost).  Fairgrove Township has developed a cost recovery program, which will aid in the Village of Fairgrove’s fire run collection process.


The Fire Board proposed having a capital outlay budget and fund balances for large capital expenses.  The village and township would contribute to this fund in advance to offset the future cost of large capital outlay purchases.


Respectfully Submitted by,

Tom Wassa

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