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Council Meetings

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Regular 12/5/2016Regular
Monday, December 5, 20167:00 PM



Dec 5, 2016 – 7:00pm


  • ROLL CALL – Wassa, Maguire, B. Phelps, C. Phelps
    • Regular Council Meeting – November 7, 2016



  • Fire
    • Fire Run Report
  • Clerk’s Items
    • Canvass of votes


    • Holiday lights


    • Sewer lifts – strip heaters
    • Feral Cats


    • Approve transaction list for November




December 5, 2016


PRESENT: Tom Wassa, Tina Wassa, Brad Phelps, Cathy Phelps

Visitors were present


Council meeting was called to order at 7 PM.


  • November Agenda.  Motion to accept agenda as corrected made by Cathy Phelps.  Second by Tina Wassa. All in favor (3-0), motion carried.  (B. Phelps not in attendance)
  • Council Meeting Minutes- November 7th, 2016.  Cathy Phelps moved to approve the minutes. Tina Wassa seconded the motion. The minutes were approved 3-0. (B. Phelps not in attendance).

Meeting paused to swear in B. Phelps.


  • The audience provided unanimous and positive kudos on this year’s holiday event.  The board recognized the hard work of  Pat Gibbard to make the parade a huge success.
  • The first yard decorating contest had many excellent entries.  First prize was awarded to Jeff and Robin Will of Darbee Rd.
  • The audience requested an update on the Light pole decorations.  The clerk is continuing to seek a contract with DTE to use their poles. Brackets will also need to be made to hang any decorations including US flags and will need to be installed.  The clerk has declined the holiday usage fee charged by DTE until such time we can gain permission from DTE.
  • An audience member reviewed Village ordinance number 10 language that indicated roaming coyotes (dogs) near the village may be considered village responsibility.  Continued under unfinished business.
  • A village member pointed out the property at the main corner of the village still has a large political sign.  The clerk will ensure the sign is removed.
  • A member of the audience requested an update on the status of the sewer. Consumer’s Energy will begin installing the generators next week.  The recent repairs for the school lift station will be invoiced to the school as per the agreement.



  • Fire – The FD responded to 2 emergency calls in November. Runs included a railroad bridge fire in the village and a response for a transformer issue with arcing wires.
  • The number of runs this year has been very low.  The department reports only 44 runs this year, the lowest in recent memory.
  • Training of the new firefighters has been going well. The chief requires permission to send Gage Ruiz to Tactics and Education Methodology training at a cost of $520. Brad Phelps moved to send FF Ruiz to the tactics training class. Cathy Phelps seconded the motion. Motion passed (4-0).
    • The clerk has received the official Canvass of Votes for the November election and has made it available to the public.




  • The board revisited the coyote discussion from previous meetings in response to public recognition. An audio recording of the village coyotes was played. Cathy Phelps moved to have the village president address the issue with the township and request the township address the coyote concerns.  Motion seconded by Brad Phelps.  The vote was 2-2. Motion did not carry.
  • The president reported the trees to be removed by Kappen Tree service will cost an estimated $1600.   Brad Phelps moved to have the previously identified trees removed for $1600.  Tina Wassa seconded the motion.  The motion passed. (4-0)  



The president wished to discuss a positive solution of the downtown village feral cats. The program director did not attend the meeting. Discussion tabled until March.




  • Motion to approve November disbursements totaling $ 35887.13.  Motion to pay the bills made by Brad Phelps and seconded by Cathy Phelps (Attached). The motion was approved.

Brad Phelps - Aye

Cathy Phelps – Aye

Tina Wassa – Aye

Tom Wassa - Aye     



Motion to adjourn made by Brad Phelps, Seconded by Tina Wassa. Vote in favor (4-0)

Meeting adjourned at 7:41 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,                                                        


Heidi Stark

Fairgrove Village Clerk


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