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Council Meetings

Below is the information requested about this meeting.
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Regular 6/6/2016Regular
Monday, June 6, 20167:00 PM



June 6, 2016 – 7:00pm


  1. ROLL CALL – Wassa, Maguire, B. Phelps, C. Phelps
    • Regular Council Meeting – May 2, 2015


                                    Pause for Public Hearing --Sewer Ordinance ~ 7:15


  • Fire
    • Fire Run Report
  • Clerk’s Items
    • The “Review”
  • Police Department Patch request
  • DTE Notice of hearing  June 7th , 9 AM  Review of Consumers Energy TRM plan
  • Request for Funding – TC GIS System
  • Request for Funding – TC Firefighters Association
  • Chuck Stadler Information
  • Park Property


    • Library- 2 handicap parking slots
    • Sewer Lift Stations
    • Wally- Ordinance Violations
    • Update mowing contract
    • Bid for installing generator lift stations
    • Resolution for Sewer Funds Transfer
    • Approve transaction list for May


June 6, 2016


PRESENT: T. Wassa, D. Maguire. B. Phelps


Visitors included: Fern Young, Walli Prusi and several others that did not sign in.


Council meeting was called to order at 7 PM.


  • June Agenda.  Motion to accept with additions of park property and school lift station, B. Phelps. Second, D. Maguire. All in favor, motion carried.
  • Council Meeting Minutes- May 2, 2016. Motion to approve B. Phelps. Second, D Maguire. All in favor, motion carried.



  • Fern Young remarked that the village lacked flags for Memorial Day weekend. The board agreed and indicated a solution would be found to ensure proper flags were posted for upcoming holiday weekends.
  • Mrs. Young indicated that trash in the park is becoming a major problem.  The board indicated that the Zoning Administrator would keep a closer eye on the status of the parks trash cans.  The village at will employee will also be on call should these type of issue need to be addressed.  The board asks that village residents contact a member of the board or the clerk with issues that need to be addressed.
  • Thomas Young, county commissioner for District 1, visited the Village to introduce himself and provide information on
  • The electric speeding sign placed at the east entrance to the village seems to be working well to slow down traffic. 
  • Pat Garrett requested to hold the Spirit of Fairgrove Christmas Parade on December 2nd as done in previous years. In addition, he requested the board consider holding a holiday spirit decorating contest to assist in building the event.  The clerk will assist with the project logistics.
  • Zanda Borodychuk requested information on village ordinances to refurbish a building in the downtown business district.  The board confirmed that he was permitted to put a “roll-off” dumpster in the parking space in the front of the business for a day or two. Mr. Borodychuk should confer with the Zoning Administrator and the clerk.



The meeting was paused for a Public Ordinance Hearing





  • Fire – The FD responded to 5 fire calls in May. Runs included a JAWS/LZ flight care assist, a full assist to Caro FD for a shed fire, a JAWS request (canceled) a tanker assist, and a tanker and manpower assist to Akron.
    • The FD new Laptop has been loaded with Windows 10 and office.
    • The Chief requested that Sawyer Smith be added to the FD rolls as a probationary Fire Fighter. B. Phelps moved that Smith be added to the roster. D. Maguire seconded and the vote passed 3-0.
    • The FD continues work on the bylaws for the Volunteer Fire Department Association paperwork.
    • The department is still waiting on information from the state regarding the village siren.
    • The Tuscola County Fire Association has sent a bill for the last three year’s dues.  The Chief confirms this is an organization to which the department belongs.  D. Maguire approves paying the 3 year dues. B. Phelps seconded. The vote was in favor (3-0).
    • G+G Electric evaluated the FD inoperable FD vent system and has indicated that the problem appears to be electric but the exact problem is unknown.  D. Maguire moved to allow G&G to do research and conduct reasonable minor repairs on the vent system. B. Phelps seconded. The vote was in favor 3-0.



  • The requested electrical outlets and circuit upgrades in the fire hall will cost an estimated $685 per the bid received by G&G Electric.    D. Maguire moved to allow G&G to do perform the requested upgrades. B. Phelps seconded. The roll call vote was in favor 3-0.

D. Maguire -Aye

B. Phelps - Aye

T. Wassa -Aye.


    • The clerk has provided copies of the “Review” for the board and audience.
    • The village received a request for a Police Department Patch for a patch collector. 
    • A Notice of Public Hearing for DTE and Consumers energy were received. The information was made available to the public.
    • The clerk received a request for funding from the Tuscola County GIS System. The board determined to not request access at this time.  
    • Information was received from Chuck Stadler. The flyer was made available to the public.   






  • The board has investigated the Library’s request for an additional handicapped sign. A sign and pole is available for use but needs to be installed.  The board has no objection to the library’s use of the sign and pole if it bears the cost of installation and street painting to be in ADA compliance. The president will discuss the situation with the library.   
  • The school sewer lift that was repaired via emergency call last fall needs to be addressed for a longer term repair.  The rough estimate is between $5k and $10k.  The clerk confirms that the agreement with A-F School indicates the school will pay for pump repair/replacement. The board directs the clerk to get a bid for repair.     






  • A bid was received for the generators on the sewer lift stations. The president will investigate the opinions presented and seek additional information.
  • The clerk has confirmed the lot adjacent to the railroad tracks is village property and needs to be added to the mowing contract.  B. Phelps moved to add the property to the mowing contract, D. Maguire seconded and the vote was in favor, 3-0.   The board directs the clerk to investigate how to sell the property.
  • The board considered a resolution authorizing the Village of Fairgrove to transfer funds from the sewer fund to pay for the repair of damages done to the storm water drains during the installation of the sanitary sewer. The resolution was read in full. (Attached.)  B. Phelps moved to accept the resolution and transfer sewer funds as need to pay for the specified repairs. D. Maguire seconded the motion.  The roll call vote was in favor.

D. Maguire -Aye

B. Phelps - Aye

T. Wassa -Aye.


  • Previously many ordinance violations were reported by DPW. The Zoning Administrator has suggested that this task could be reasonably added to his duties. The board thanks him for his suggestion.  B. Phelps moved to add reporting ordinance violations to the Zoning Administrator’s duties.  D. Maguire seconded and the vote was in favor, 3-0.  









  • Motion to approve May disbursements totaling $ 30272.99 made by B. Phelps, Seconded by D. Maguire. (Attached). The motion was approved.


T. Wassa -Aye.

D. Maguire -Aye

B. Phelps - Aye


Meeting adjourned at 8:46 PM. Motion made by B Phelps, Seconded by D. Maguire. Carried.



Respectfully Submitted,                                                        


Heidi Stark

Fairgrove Village Clerk

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