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Council Meetings

Below is the information requested about this meeting.
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Regular 3/7/2016Regular
Monday, March 7, 20167:00 PM



Mar 7, 2016 – 7:00pm


  1. ROLL CALL – Wassa, Maguire, B. Phelps, C. Phelps



  • Regular Council Meeting – Feb 2, 2015



  • Fire

    • Fire Run Report

  • Clerk’s Items

    • Safety Deposit Box

    • Phragmites Treatment and Control Workshop

    • CD Matured and was reinvested.


  • Snow Plowing Bids

  • Grass Mowing Bids

  • FD repairs


  • New Bank Account


  • Approve transaction list for Feb




March 7, 2016


PRESENT: T. Wassa, C. Phelps, D. Maguire. B. Phelps


Visitors included: Fern Young, Steve Young, Fred Ahrens, Jami McIntosh, Jackie Stevens, Kelly Sheridan, Todd Humpert, Ben Humpert, Michael Sheridan and Dave Czelada


Council meeting was called to order at 7 PM.


  • February Agenda.  Motion to accept, B. Phelps. Second, C. Phelps. All in favor, motion carried.
  • Council Meeting Minutes- Feb 2, 2016. Motion to approve B. Phelps. Second, C. Phelps. All in favor, motion carried.



  • Included in the Audience are two Reese High School Students.
  • Fern Young requested that the expenses for each month and the expenditures for year to date be made available for the general public to take home rather than only being offered via the projector in the meeting.  The President directed the clerk to make these items available upon request.
  • Snow removal continues to be an issue with the recent heavy and concentrated snowfalls. The Village Council has begun the bid review process and hopes to have a resolution soon.
  • With the absence of DPW and leaf collection, A member of the audience suggested that the ordinance banning leaf burning be receded.  This would assist in keeping the village looking tidy and eliminate the cost of contracting leaf pick up. The council will consider that option.
  • The council thanked the public for their continued support and willingness to offer solutions but pointed out there remains a vacant council seat.  They encourage interested parties to contact the clerk and fill the position.



  • Fire – The FD responded to 5 fire calls in February: three for wires down, one a manpower assist to Caro and one MMR assistance.
    • The Chief reported that the Department has completed CPR training and Bloodborn pathogen training and the department is up to date in these areas.
    • Chief Young, Pete Wood and Sawyer Smith will attend National Pipeline Training. They also expect to attend the “Drive to Survive” course offered in Frankenmuth.  
    • The Chief reports an injury to a fireman during a fire response. The Injury was minor but also damaged his boots. The regional represented will replace the boots.
    • The Chief reports the department has changed the Fire Departments bylaws and have given the chief the power to recommend the Captain, Lieutenant and Training officer rather than a vote by the department.   He also reports that he has split the training position. The Chief confirms his officers are as follows:

Captain – Brandon Hall

Lt – J Hecht

Training  - Fred Ahrens

Training  - Gabe Ruiz


B. Phelps moved to accept the Chief’s recommendations to fill these offices.  D. Maguire seconded and the vote was in favor (4-0).  The clerk requested a copy of the updated by-laws.


  • The FD reports that there are electrical issues within the fire hall. They indicate there is difficulty with numerous outlets being on the same circuit and would like to have the hall rewired so each wall is on a different circuit.
  • The Chief also reports there is a problem with the exhaust system. The system needs to be tested to ensure that the ventilation is sufficient for them to run the trucks indoors. 
  • The Chief also requests that the door handles on the Fire hall be changed.
  • He also notes that last month’s issue of the sink repair and urinal repair have not yet been completed.
  • The Chief requested a monthly expense sheet. This was provided by the clerk’s office to the Chief during the meeting. An additional sheet indicating missing training and meeting accountably required for the quarterly report and monthly accounting was also provided.  
  • Fire Board- The Board determined that a modest raise from $600 to $625 per section was in order given the increases in the fire department expected budget requirements.  The motion to raise the cost per section from $600.00 to $625.00 was made by B. Phelps and seconded by C. Phelps. The roll call vote was in favor.


  • D. Maguire -Aye
  • C. Phelps -Aye
  • B. Phelps – Aye
  • T. Wassa -Aye

The clerk will amend the contracts.


    • The clerk requested the Council’s permission to complete a photo inventory of the safety deposit box.  B. Phelps moved to authorize the clerk to conduct the inventory. D. Maguire seconded. The vote was in favor (4-0).
    • The clerk reported the receipt of information on a phragmites workshop and made the information publically available.
    • A CD that had matured was reinvested.



  • The President reported the receipt of several bids for snow removal and grass mowing. He requests the board consider these bids carefully for discussion at the next meeting.




  • The Clerk reports a requirement from MDOT to separate the Road funds from the General fund account.   The president directed a resolution to establish a new bank account be drafted for consideration at the next meeting.



  • Motion to approve the February disbursements totaling $ 10771.35 made by D. Maguire, Seconded by C. Phelps. (Attached). The motion was approved.


T. Wassa -Aye.

D. Maguire -Aye

C. Phelps -Aye

B. Phelps - Aye


Meeting adjourned at 8:27 PM. Motion made by B. Phelps, Seconded by C. Phelps. Carried.




Respectfully Submitted,                                                        



Heidi Stark

Fairgrove Village Clerk

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