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Fire Board 1/12/2016Committee
Tuesday, January 12, 20167:00 PM
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Village of Fairgrove

Fire Board Meeting

January 12, 2016

7:00 pm


Present:  Juniata Township, Fairgrove Township, Gilford Township, Village of Fairgrove, Fairgrove Fire Department


This is the last annual meeting for the 2015 year. The Fairgrove Fire Department made a report indicating the performance of the department and outlining future planned expenditures. Included in the report was a plan to upgrade the 1999 fire truck after the current equipment contract is paid off (2018).  This is part of the required replacement or refurbishment requirement that must be addressed 25 years of age on a fire truck.


Juniata Township addressed the need for more robust run reporting from the Fairgrove Fire Department and suggested that it be considered for addition into the new contract. The preferred format would be quarterly and detail the number of runs per response region.  Fairgrove Township added that a breakdown of mutual aid runs both given and received would also be welcome. The Village of Fairgrove agreed and reporting will be added to the process.


Fairgrove Township requested that a financial report to take back to the township be added. Included in this report should be a breakdown of income as well as expenditures. Juniata and Gilford Townships agreed.  The Village of Fairgrove agreed to provide a report with reasonable detail and address any particular financial concerns the townships might have.


Juniata Township also requested the Fire Department consider methods to reduce costs. Several examples, including shared buying across Tuscola County’s 13 fire departments or considering a county wide consortium for larger less used purchases, were offered.  The Fairgrove Fire Department will discuss with the Fire chief.


The Village of Fairgrove related that the Fire Department’s 2016/2017 budget has not yet been completed.  The Village clerk will provide additional details regarding section cost, requested reports and future board dates to the townships.  The Village does not expect the section cost to increase more than $50 per section (from $600 per section) if an increase is required.


Initial reports on run data were provided at the meeting as well as the 2008 Village of Fairgrove Board resolution setting fire run fees.


The next two meetings of the Fire Board will be June 14th and Dec 13th.


Submitted by H. Stark



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