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Council Meetings

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Regular 2/01/2016Regular
Monday, February 1, 20167:00 PM
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Feb 1, 2016


PRESENT: T. Wassa, C. Phelps, D. Maguire. B. Phelps


Visitors included: Fern Young and several that did not sign in.


Council meeting was called to order at 7 PM.


  • Jan Agenda. Motion to accept, B. Phelps. Second, D. Maguire. All in favor, motion carried.

  • Council Meeting Minutes- 7 Dec 2015. Motion to approve B. Phelps. Second, C. Phelps. All in favor, motion carried.

  • Special Council Meeting- 16 Nov 2015. Motion to approve B. Phelps. Second, C. Phelps. All in favor, motion carried.



  • The public requested an update on the blighted cars in village. President Wassa confirmed informational letters were sent.

  • Additional questions were asked regarding blighted houses in the village. A general discussion ensued.

  • The public raised concerns over the recent lack of sidewalk snow removal and indicated it was a public hazard. The board confirmed ordinance #64, revised last year, requires village residents to remove snow from their sidewalks. The provision requiring sidewalk snow removal has been in place since 1957.



  • Fire – The FD responded to 4 fire calls in January: one manpower assistance, one call regarding natural gas (was sewer) and an two run attic fire requiring foam.

    • The Chief indicated he was sending 3 sets of turn out gear to be cleaned and repaired. He expects each batch of 3 to cost approximately $200-250 and will continue to send the turn out gear until the departments supply has been renewed.

    • Two firefights are taking the a MIOSHA paid class for confined space training (Pete Wood & Mike Sode)

    • The Chief is promoting a March pipeline safety class in Saginaw. Sawyer Smith, Pete wood and Doug Young have confirmed they will attend.

    • A free February 12th class is offered in Pigeon to train active shooter response. Doug Young will attend (perhaps Pete Wood).

    • The Frankenmuth Fire Department (Frankenmuth High School) is hosting “Drive to Survive” 3 hr lecture and seminar on March 15th. Chief Young will attend.

    • The Fire Department Booster Club will offer 4 fish frys this year, Feb 19, 26, March 18 and 25.

    • The Fire Chief requests that the urinal be repaired.

    • The Chief has requested a key for the towel dispenser and refills for the Fire Hall. The clerk will ensure a key is procured. Extra towels are in the Hall supplies.

    • The sink in the fire hall has a leaking issue and needs to be address.

    • The FD requests that once the inventory is taken in the DPW that they be allowed to have a power washer should one be extra.

    • The Chief provided the Council the Fire Department Budget request for 2016/2017. He also requested the clerk provide a monthly finance report to help monitor and maintain the fire department budget. The clerk agreed. The clerk requested that the FD meetings and training be added when the monthly Fire Runs and hours are reported. This is required for an accurate quarterly and monthly accounting.



    • The clerk reported the Fire Committee report was received.


  • President Wassa addressed the recent meeting of the Fire board. He briefly reviewed the meeting minutes (received by clerk) and approved the quarterly reporting requested by the townships.




  • An electronic amendment to alter the Tuscola County Solid Waste Management Plan was received from the Tuscola County Economic Development Commission. C Phelps moved to pass the attached resolution. B. Phelps seconded. The roll call vote was in favor.

  • Information on the Media/Website Development Seminar was provided to the public.

  • The Bean Festival Committee has requested to hold the annual Egg hunt in the park March 19th. B. Phelps moved to permit the event. D. Maguire seconded. The vote was in favor 4-0.

  • The Council discussed the ongoing issues with the village sewer system and is preparing a long term plan to resolve the issues and problems discovered last calendar year. (Improperly installed sewer system/waste water intersection damage). The board raised the issue that sewer rates may need to be increased.




  • Motion to approve January disbursements totaling $ 14191.67 made by D. Magurie, Seconded by C. Phelps. (Attached). The motion was approved.


T. Wassa -Aye.

D. Maguire -Aye

C. Phelps -Aye

B. Phelps - Aye


Meeting adjourned at 8:12 PM. Motion made by D. Maguire, Seconded by C. Phelps. Carried.




Respectfully Submitted,



Heidi Stark

Fairgrove Village Clerk

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