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Fire Committee 12/21/2015Committee
Monday, December 21, 20157:00 AM

The Fire Committee will meet to review and discuss the propsed fire contracts for 2016.


Village of Fairgrove

Fire Committee Meeting

December 21, 2015

7:00 pm


Present:  Tom Wassa, Doug Young, Linal Baur


Chief Young discussed the need to look at raising the cost per section.  Chief Young will attempt to locate information on what other departments are charging per section and report back.  Fairgrove is currently charging $600 per section.  The current contract is for 64 sections; total contracting revenue is $38,400 a year.


Chief Young and Baur indicated that the Tanker would be paid off in 2018 or 2019.  At that time, the Engine (fire fighting vehicle) should be replaced with a new one.  The current Engine could be refurbished to meet regulations and remain into service.  This would eliminate three other outdated vehicles in the fleet.  The new Engine would be the primary, and the second Engine would be used as a Rescue Engine for Jaws of Life type runs.


Future needs of the fire department include remodeling the second floor storage area, to include a locked closet area for equipment; updating the office; a proper area for the bunker gear to dry properly; and investing in a protective floor coating system for the cement flooring in the fire department. 


Current needs of the fire department consist of the equipment to comply with the counties incident command system.  Chief Young will provide the council with more information and the cost in the near future.


Submitted by Tom Wassa

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