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Zoning Board of Appeals 10/20/2015Zoning
Tuesday, October 20, 20157:00 PM

The annual Zoning Board of Appeals meeting.

Board will appoint officers, consider bylaws and review procedures.




October 20, 2015


PRESENT: B. Phelps, L. Cramer, J. Blankenship.


No visitors present


The board was called to order by Chairman J. Blankenship at 7 PM.


New Business

  • The board discussed the election of officers and selected the following members to fill the appointed offices
    • Chairman      B. Phelps
    • V. Chair         L Cramer
    • Secretary       J. Blankenship

The motion to approve was made by B. Phelps and seconded by L. Cramer.  The vote was in favor 3-0


  • The minutes for the last two previous meetings of the Zoning Board of Appeals, 21 April 2015 and June 22, 2015, were read. Motion to approve made by L. Cramer and seconded by J. Blankenship. Minutes were approved by a 3-0 vote.


  • The Zoning Board of Appeals requests the Fairgrove Council Board to address the expiration of Carl Childs and Steve Young’s position on the board. These two individuals need to be reappointed or replaced.  Motion made by L Cramer, seconded by J. Blankenship.  Motion carried by 3-0 vote.


  • The Zoning Board of Appeals further requests that the Fairgrove Council board consider appointing an alternate from the Planning Commission to ensure the intent of that body is clearly represented in the Zoning Board of Appeals.


Old Business


  • The board reviewed and corrected the draft bylaws presented to the board at the June 22nd meeting. J. Blankenship moved to accept the bylaws as amended, and await the corrected copy for final adoption at the next meeting.  Seconded by L. Cramer.  The vote was in favor 3-0.


The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals will be held the 3rd Tuesday of October 2016.



Chairman B. Phelps closed the meeting at 7:35 PM.



Heidi Stark

Fairgrove Village Clerk

*Compiled from notes provided by ZBA Secretary J. Blankenship.

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