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Planning Commission 4/13/2015Planning
Monday, April 13, 20157:00 PM

Meeting #1 of 2015

Board plans to hold an organizational meeting for the year set the agenda and projects for the year.


Village of Fairgrove

Planning Commission Meeting

April 14, 2015 – 7:00pm

Amended and Approved at the May 11, 2015


Committee Members Present:  Carl Childs, Fern Young, Thomas Wassa, Tina Wassa


Tom Wassa motioned to elect Carl Childs as Chair and Tina Wassa as Secretary.  Fern seconded.  Motion carried.


Carl suggested reviewing the Master Plan of the Village, which is needed every 5 years.  Committee members discussed and reviewed the sections in the Master Plan, starting with Section 5 (Land Use).


Residential Professional District (R2):  Tom Wassa made a recommendation to change part of the Residential area in the Village to Residential Professional District, which would combine office, commercial and residential use along Main Street (out to Slack) and M138 (part of Center Street).  Discussion followed.


Carl made a motion to have Tom draw up the legal terms and present it to the Village Attorney for review.  Fern seconded.  Motion carried.


Tina had some questions regarding signage requirements for the R2 district.  Committee members reviewed Section 13.06D and decided to make some changes regarding lighted and oscillating signs. 


Carl amended his previous motion to also include signage language that would be suitable for the R2 district.  Fern seconded.  Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm. 


Respectively Submitted,

Tina Wassa



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