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Below is the information requested about this meeting.
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Regular 05-05-14Regular
Monday, May 5, 20147:00 PM



MAY 5, 2014 – 7:00pm


1)     ROLL CALL – Wassa, Gehrls, Humpert, Maguire, B. Phelps, C. Phelps, VanHove



a)     Regular Council Meeting – April 7, 2014





a)     Fire

b)    Department of Public Works

c)     Clerk’s Items





a)     Ordinance Review

i)       Rental Ordinance – Resolution to set Compliance Fees

b)    Clock Repair





a)     Approve Disbursements






MAY 5, 2014


PRESENT:  T. Wassa, T. Humpert, D. Maguire (entered at 7:08pm), B. Phelps, C. Phelps

ABSENT:  J. Gehrls, J. VanHove

EMPLOYEES:  D. Englehart, M. Couture, D. Young


Council meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Wassa.


Humpert/B. Phelps motioned to approve the minutes from the April 7, 2014 council meeting; all in favor, motion carried.




Galen Smith, Akron-Fairgrove School Board President, spoke about the meeting tonight to answer questions on the bond issue that is up for vote tomorrow.  The current state rules increase local tax revenue dollar for dollar to the school for land SEV value increases, but the state foundation grant takes away an equal amount unless there is a local bond to pay off, then the money stays in the district.  The school is not asking for an increase, only to maintain the current bond for 10 years which will keep $3.1 million from being offset by the state and keep the money in the district.  The bond does not include any money for salaries or benefits; it is for improvements and upgrades only to buildings, technology, and security. 


Heidi Foster, a teacher at A-F, also spoke and said that A-F is the only school in Tuscola County to gain students for two consecutive years, and they have gone from 271 to 292-plus.  MEAP scores are some of the highest in the county, and they are always working on grants and other fundraising activities to better serve their students.  She welcomes everyone to check out the school and see all the good things they are doing.




Fire – D. Young discussed three calls in April – an assist to Richville on a tanker rollover from POET, a health and safety check on smoke at a neighbor, and a tanker assist to Reese which was cancelled.  A letter was received from Sheriff Lee Teschendorf thanking Brandon Hall and Travis Cragg for their efforts in the county-wide call for help in the successful search for a missing person on snowmobiles, etc. in December.  The FEMA grant should start awarding soon.  We need to fill out information in System Award Management (SAM) – Young and M. Couture will complete. 


The FDIC training had top-notch instructors.  Young attended classes in volunteer recruitment, choosing the right extinguishing material, managing and leading, understanding new vehicle technology, and emergency release.  “Hot” classes were held where they go out and work with actual fire, newer model vehicles, exactly what would be found in the field.  Tools and equipment used in these classes are deeply discounted, sometimes price so something to keep in mind for next year’s budget.  Need to think about replacing the jaws unit and punch since it is not strong enough to cut through the stronger steel and safety glass on newer cars.  Young thanked the council as they were able to purchase 7 pairs of boots from Frontline Services.  Show price saved $45 each, so they were able to purchase an extra pair of boots and still stay within budgeted amount.  Locally, a CPR update class was held with MMR, and all volunteers attended except for two who were working. 


DPW –  D. Englehart noted that one more time and leaf pickup should be done.  He had difficulty with the false roof on the leaf truck plugging with wet leaves, and it could not be unplugged where the steel was.  He is working on revamping the roof, but it is still not right and trying to figure out what’s causing the problem.  The mowers are ready, but parks, etc. are still really wet.  Clock is still off on time and repairman was supposed to come look at it but hasn’t yet; Englehart will follow up with him.  Village limit signs will be replaced.  Police car has been returned.  Wassa will contact the sheriff to see if they still want to make an offer, and the Village of Akron is also interested.  One bid was received to shingle the fire hall roof from Campeau Builders for $8,225 – still waiting for two more bids.  No new info on sewer meter.  There is a light that was broken in the storm that is hanging by the wires, but it has been reported to DTE by several people.  The generator for the fire hall causes a power surge when turned on.  Look into seeing if any grants available for a large, on-demand generator since we are an approved warming center.


CLERK’S ITEMS – M. Couture passed along a request from the fire department to be reimbursed for rope and thank-you gifts for the volunteers that came from Mayville and Kingston and Doug Wilson Tree Co. to conduct rope training.  Also, council previously approved reimbursing Doug Young $1,000 for hotel costs since he pays the conference fee and training costs out of pocket, and his actual cost was $1,053.  Discussion held.    


Humpert/Maguire motioned to approve reimbursing the fire department $63.77 for rope and thank you gifts for rope training; all in favor, motion carried. 


Maguire/B. Phelps motioned to approve additional $53 reimbursement to Doug Young for hotel costs at the FDIC conference; all in favor, motion carried.






Rental Ordinance – the online service to implement registration is pending.  Resolution 02-14 was drafted with the costs approved at the April 2014 meeting and submitted for review and approval.

B. Phelps/Maguire motioned to adopt Resolution 02-14 with fees as written, but the term “tenant” shall be changed to “leaseholder.”  Roll Call Vote:  C. Phelps – yay; B. Phelps – yay; Maguire – yay; Humpert – yay; Wassa – yay, motion carried.  



DPW Roof – some shingles are blowing off.  Try to hold off until 2015-16 budget after the fire hall roof is done.  DPW roof was last done approximately 1979-80. 




B. Gehrls/Humpert motioned to approve April disbursements totaling approximately $40,236.25; all in favor, motion carried.


As there was no other business, meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,





Melissa Couture

Fairgrove Village Clerk

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