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Council Meetings

Below is the information requested about this meeting.
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Regular 08-05-13Regular
Monday, August 5, 20137:00 PM






AUGUST 5, 2013




1)     ROLL CALL – Wassa, Gehrls, Humpert, Maguire, Phelps, (Two Vacant)






a)     Regular Council Meeting – June 3, 2013










a)     Fire


b)    Department of Public Works


c)     Clerk’s Items






a)     DTE Energy – Advanced Utility Meters


b)    HCC Public Risk – Bryan Hall Insurance Claim






a)     Electrical Bids – Confirm G&G Electric


b)    Fairgrove Township – Lot adjacent to old Chemical Bank Building






a)     Review Number of Council Seats


b)    Trustee Letters of Interest


c)     Cnudde Fire Collection


d)    Finish Work at Park – MacFarlane Bid


e)     Sewer Bills – Handling Payment Received After Delinquents Rolled to Tax Bills


f)      Tree Donation for Park


g)     Guidance Document


h)    Smart Meter Resolution


i)       SAW Grant Training


j)       Privacy Protection Ordinance






a)     Approve Disbursements














August 5, 2013




PRESENT:  T. Wassa, J. Gehrls, T. Humpert, D. Maguire, B. Phelps, C. Phelps, J. VanHove




EMPLOYEES:  F. Ahrens, L. Baur, M. Couture, D. Englehart, S. Maguire, D. Young




Council meeting was called to order at 7:06 p.m. by President Wassa.




Humpert/Gehrls motioned to approve the minutes from the June 3, 2013 council meeting; all in favor, motion carried.




AUDIENCE RECOGNITION – C. Childs asked if bushes in the park would be trimmed before Labor Day, and asked permission to plant a tree in the park in memory of her father.  Trimming is already in process and permission was granted for the tree.  Village limit sign will be put back up.  Resident is concerned about weeds and debris around the pole, etc. near the old Steve’s TV building; T. Wassa explained when complaints are received, the owner must be notified and given time to remedy.  If not taken care of, then the village can come in to take care of the problem, and the owner is billed for costs incurred.  Resident asked about the poor condition of the closed restaurant building on Main Street; it is county owned, nothing the village can do.  Resident questioned police department; T. Wassa explained coverage is being discussed with the township, and proposing a millage is under consideration due to reduced revenues available to fund a village officer.  Resident asked what to do with brush and leaves since they cannot burn them; can be taken to the dump on VanGeisen Road, contact the Village office to schedule.  Also, discussion held about having a fall brush pickup.




Humpert/Gehrls motioned to have Donnie contact Kappan to schedule another brush pickup; all in favor, motion carried. 








Fire – D. Young discussed 6 fire runs in June:  3 mutual aid, 1 gas leak, 1 ditch fire, 1 wire down; 3 runs in July:  1 fuel wash down, 1 house fire, 1 assist to Caro.  Information presented on the Roof Operations Safety Platform which attaches to the ladder and makes going on a roof safer.  Currently, one can be purchased for $395 with shipping included; regular price is $420.




B. Phelps/Maguire motioned to approve purchasing one Roof Operations Safety Platform from Time Emergency Equipment for $395; all in favor, motion carried. 




DPW – D. Englehart stated the rainy weather has delayed the power and water hookups in the new pole barn at the old school site, but it should all be finished this week.  Discussion held regarding bids for removing remaining asphalt and installing topsoil at the old school demo site.  Only one response was received.




Humpert/Gehrls motioned to accept the bid from McFarland Excavating to remove asphalt and install topsoil for $4900; all in favor, motion carried.




Clerk’s Items – M. Couture requested an estimate of replacement cost for the vehicle acquired by the Fire Department from the DNR for insurance purposes, and passed along a suggestion from a resident about using the tanker to fill swimming pools; D. Young stated it is not feasible logistically and there is too much liability.  Villageside Mobile Home Park asked if their sewer bill could be adjusted because they lost a couple of homes in the park.  Donnie will count the number of units remaining and billing will be adjusted to reflect the new total.  Thank you to the council for allowing clerk to attend the Michigan Association of Municipal Clerk’s conference in Frankenmuth.  A couple of things to review/implement are a Code of Ethics Policy and a Document Retention Policy.  Having a deadline for agenda items was discussed so council packets could be prepared sooner and trustees would have the opportunity to review them before the meeting.




CORRESPONDENCE – A letter from DTE Energy explaining smart meters and the associated opt-out fees was read and discussed.  Notification was received from the village insurance carrier that the claim submitted by B. Hall for water damage to his basement was denied on the basis that there was no blockage or problem with village sewer system that led to the damage.






Electrical Bids – discussion was held on electrical work to be done on the new pole barn at the old school site.


B. Phelps/Maguire motioned to accept G&G Electric’s bid for electrical work in the new pole barn at the old school site in the amount of $4,795; all in favor, motion carried.


Empty Lot Adjacent to Old Chemical Bank/New Fairgrove Township Building – notification was given that T. Wassa and M. Couture signed the warranty deed transferring ownership of the lot to Fairgrove Township for $1.00.






Review Number of Council Seats – discussion held regarding considering reducing the number of council trustee seats from 7 to 5 due to the fact vacancies is an ongoing problem.  It was agreed since there were letters of interest received for the current vacancies not to proceed with reducing at this time. 




Trustee Letters of Interest – letters of interest in council vacancies were submitted by Lyle Hall, Catherine Phelps, and Jeff VanHove.  Discussion was held, questions asked, and candidates responded. 




Gehrls/Humpert motioned to appoint Catherine Phelps to fill one vacancy with a term expiring in November, 2014; Roll Call Vote:  Maguire – aye, Humpert – aye, Gehrls – aye, B. Phelps – abstain, Wassa – aye, motion carried.




B. Phelps/Gehrls motioned to appoint Jeff VanHove to fill one vacancy with a term expiring in November, 2014; Roll Call Vote:  Humpert – aye, Gehrls – aye, B. Phelps – aye, Maguire – aye, Wassa – aye, motion carried.




M. Couture administered the oath of office to C. Phelps and J. VanHove, and both joined the council table.




Cnudde Fire Collection – discussion held regarding letter from Mr. Cnudde’s attorney requesting a settlement in the amount of $800.  The original invoices totaled $1,640, not including interest.  It was decided that the settlement was not in the best interest of the fire department, and standard collection procedures should be followed.




Sewer Payments Received on Delinquent Accounts – discussion held regarding several payments that were received on past due balances after delinquent accounts were turned over to the county to be added to the village tax roll.  It was decided that these payments would be returned to the resident with a letter of explanation.




Tree Donation for Park – the Village was contacted by Audrey Nellet of the Modern Woodsmen offering a donation of 1-2 high-quality trees with a maximum value of $250 for the park.  The Parks Committee verbally agreed to accept the donation, and M. Couture will follow up to proceed.




Guidance Document – Guidance Document was read and discussion held regarding the contents.  The Guidance Document directs communications within the Fire Department, and any item that requires any form of action from the council, Fire Committee, or the President, must be done at the request and/or the direction of the Fire Chief. 




Humpert/B. Phelps motioned to approve the Guidance Document as written; all in favor, motion carried.




Smart Meter Resolution – proposed resolution was read and discussion held regarding putting a 6-month moratorium on utility-required smart meter installation so that more research can be done on the topic.




B. Phelps/VanHove motioned to adopt Resolution 01-13 Addressing Smart Meters in the Village of Fairgrove; Roll Call Vote:  C. Phelps – aye, Gehrls – aye, VanHove – aye, B. Phelps – aye, Maguire – aye, Humpert – no, Wassa – aye, motion carried.




SAW Grant Training – discussion held regarding seminar for the Stormwater, Asset Management, and Wastewater (SAW) Grant being held on September 19, 2013 in Roscommon, MI.  Cost is $30 per person.




Humpert/VanHove motioned to allow T. Wassa and D. Englehart to attend the SAW seminar on September 19, 2013 in Roscommon, MI for a cost of $30 per person; all in favor, motion carried.




Privacy Protection Ordinance – The purpose of this ordinance is to protect individual’s personal privacy within the village limits of Fairgrove, and the proposed ordinance was summarized and discussed.




B. Phelps/J. VanHove motioned to adopt the Privacy Protection Ordinance as written; 6 in favor, 1 against, motion carried.




B. Phelps/Gehrls motioned to approve Bean Festival’s use of park for the beer tent on Labor Day Weekend; all in favor, motion carried. 




Discussion held regarding trees that need to be trimmed on the driveway into the cemetery; D. Englehart will take care of it. 








B. Phelps/Gehrls motioned to approve June disbursements totaling approximately $57,124.13; all in favor, motion carried.




Gehrls/Humpert motioned to approve July disbursements totaling approximately $18,049.54; all in favor, motion carried.




As there was no other business, meeting adjourned at 8:29 p.m.




Respectfully Submitted,








Melissa Couture


Fairgrove Village Clerk


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