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Council Meetings

Below is the information requested about this meeting.
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Council Meeting 11/5/2012Regular
Monday, November 5, 20127:00 PM



NOVEMBER 5, 2012




1)     ROLL CALL – Maguire, Gehrls, Hall, Humpert, Leen, Wassa, Wood



a)     Regular Council Meeting – October 1, 2012

b)    Police Committee Meeting – October 4, 2012





a)     Fire

b)    Police

c)     Department of Public Works

d)    Clerk’s Items



a)     Tuscola County Economic Development Corp.

i)       Gave $650 last year, requesting $800 this year

b)    Akron-Fairgrove Jr./Sr. High School

i)       Notice of Public Hearing regarding further amendments to the township’s zoning ordinance that pertain to wind energy conversion systems and special land use permit process.

ii)    Thursday, November 8, 2012 in the High School Multi-Purpose Room, 2800 N. Thomas, Fairgrove, MI  48733



a)     Asbestos Inspection – Old School



a)     MDOT Performance Resolution for Government Agencies

b)    Michigan Bean Festival

i)       Review Lease for Renewal January 1, 2013

ii)    Approve use of village hall for meetings 3rd Sunday of each month

c)     Two alternate seats on the Zoning Board of Appeals still need to be filled



a)     Approve Disbursements






November 5, 2012


PRESENT:  D. Maguire, J. Gehrls, L. Hall, T. Wassa

ABSENT:  T. Humpert, A. Leen, P. Wood

EMPLOYEES:  M. Couture, D. Englehart, D. Young

VISITORS:  B. Bean, L. Haubenstricker, B. Phelps, S. Young, F. Young


Council meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. by President Maguire


Wassa/Hall motioned to approve the minutes from the October 1, 2012 council meeting; all in favor, motion carried.


Wassa/Gehrls motioned to approve the minutes from the October 4, 2012 and October 8, 2012 Police Committee meetings; all in favor, motion carried.




F. Young asked about the police meeting.




Fire – seven fire runs for the month of October.  D. Young discussed October fire runs.  Fire Prevention Week – took engines to Elementary School K-2.  Two people are in Fire Fighter 1 training, books will change next year and it is approximately $500 for the class.  Halloween went well.


Police – More resumes have been received.


DPW – D. Englehart stated the subdivision sewer station went down and board had to be replaced.  Old board is being repaired so that a spare will be on hand.  Leaf pickup is going well but winding down, average year, about 9 – 12 loads total.  Requested permission to purchase a used hot-water pressure washer that is 3 years old for $1,700.  It would save on degreasers and not have to be replaced as often as cold water pumps we’ve been using.  Same pressure washer new would be $4,500, so there is a $2,800 cost savings over purchasing it new.


Hall/Wassa motioned to purchase the used hot-water pressure washer for $1,700; all in favor, motion carried.


Clerk’s Items – The parliamentary procedure class was very informative.  Copies of basic parliamentary quick reference guide were distributed to the council.  Confirmed that the Fire Department will direct traffic at the road closures for the County-Wide Veteran’s Parade on Sunday, November 11, 2012, beginning at 4:00 p.m.  Clerk’s office will be closed Friday, November 23, 2012, for the Thanksgiving holiday.






Request received from the Tuscola Economic Development Corp. for a partnership contribution of $800 for 2012-13.


Hall/Wassa motioned to give them $650 as currently budgeted and to consider raising the amount to $800 for our next budget; all in favor, motion carried.


Re-notice of Public Hearing from the Fairgrove Township Planning Commission on Thursday, November 8, 2012, at 7:00 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room at the Akron-Fairgrove Jr./Sr. High School, 2800 N. Thomas, Fairgrove, MI  48733, for the purpose of hearing comments regarding further amendments to the Township’s zoning ordinance that pertains to wind energy conversion systems and the special land use permit process.




Asbestos Inspection in old school – D. Young knows of a company that encapsulates asbestos and will advise.  B. Phelps said if he is elected to council he is willing to continue researching this.  Otherwise, no new information available at this time—postponed until December 2012 council meeting.




MDOT Performance Resolution – form needed to authorize D. Englehart and M. Couture to submit road closure permit applications to the State of Michigan on behalf of the village.


Hall/Gehrls motioned to approve authorization of D. Englehart and M. Couture on the MDOT Performance Resolution; all in favor, motion carried.


Discussion held regarding renewing the Michigan Bean Festival’s (MBF) building lease for a period of three years beginning January 1, 2013 and ending December 31, 2015.


Hall/Gehrls motioned to approve renewing the Michigan Bean Festival’s building lease as written; all in favor, motion carried.


L. Haubenstricker spoke on behalf of the MBF and stated that they need to change dead bolts on doors of MBF building because they have been tampered with.


Hall/Gehrls motioned to allow MBF to change the locks in order to secure the building; all in favor, motion carried.


Discussion held regarding replacing the roof on the MBF building in the future.  $20,000 estimate for asphalt roofing, metal may not be possible due to spacing of roof trusses–check with C. Childs for more information.  MBF Committee heard that utilities were higher than usual during the festival this year and would like to pay the village for the difference, if significant.  Clerk to check records to compare utility bills but does not believe the amount to be significant.  MBF committee is looking for ideas on where to place approximately one dozen 3’x5’ banners that recognize major sponsors so that they are more visible during the festival. 


B. Bean requested permission to allocate a few handicap parking spaces and have signs put up near the MBF building for bingo during the festival.  D. Englehart stated that would be no problem and signs could be put up.


Hall/Gehrls motioned to grant permission to the Michigan Bean Festival committee to use the village hall for their meetings the 3rd Sunday of each month and to provide them with a key, if needed; all in favor, motion carried.


J. Gehrls would like the Fire Department to consider having an open house/appreciation event so that the citizens can look at the new fire truck and see the results of their financial support.  Also, Gehrls stated that our Fire Department is one of best quality, yet one of the lowest paid in the area (minimum wage) and would like council to consider giving raises. 




Wassa/Hall motioned to approve October disbursements totaling $14,265.15; all in favor, motion carried.


As there was no other business, meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,




Melissa Couture

Fairgrove Village Clerk

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