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Public Hearing 07-24-12 (#2 Police Department)Public Hearing
Tuesday, July 24, 20127:00 AM
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July 24, 2012


PRESENT:  D. Maguire, P. Wood, J. Gehrls, T. Humpert, A. Leen

ABSENT:  L. Hall, T. Wassa

EMPLOYEES:  S. Hadaway, M. Couture, W. Prusi, J. Parsell        

VISITORS:  A. Beneman, J. Stevens, R. Humpert, E. Louis, G. Higgison, R. Ruppal, P. Hagedon, J. Ewald, F. Beller, S. Young, D. Hadaway, C. Parrish, F. Young


Special Meeting/Public Hearing #2 for reestablishing the Fairgrove Police Department was called to order at 7 p.m.


Audience Recognition:

General discussion was held regarding safety and security concerns within the village and the status of the police department.


President Maguire stated that Antoine LaPratt is in the process of filing the necessary paperwork to reestablish the police department.  Once that is complete, then candidates may be interviewed.  Ideal candidate will be MCOLES and street certified, and will be subject to a driving and background check.  It will probably be 30-plus days but hope to have an officer in place by Labor Day.


Prusi suggested holding a special council meeting ASAP to approve the two public hearings in order to speed the filing process, and also mentioned that maybe after we’re established we could consider sharing police with Akron again.  Gehrls stated the problem with that was that we could not dictate anything, such as when the officer was on duty.


Hadaway stated that the last police budget when the village had its own officer was approximately $52,000.00.  The contract cost of the officer that was shared with Akron was $24.42 per hour, with a total budget of $19,000.00.  The current estimated police budget is $23,000.00-$24,000.00, based on a part-time officer at $14.50 per hour, a rotating schedule of 15-20 hours per week with 30-45 minutes per shift allowed for paperwork, and this allows us complete control to make all decisions.


Installing cameras and starting a Neighborhood Watch program was suggested for problem areas, but we also need an officer to enforce the village ordinances that are already in place, such as the curfew and Parental Responsibility Ordinance.


Humpert is checking with the Sheriff’s Department to see if there is extra drug and liquor money available from the state to put an extra sheriff on duty in the Akron-Fairgrove area Labor Day weekend. 


Council discussion was held and it was agreed that a special council meeting will be held July 25, 2012 at 7 p.m. to approve the two public hearings that were held.


As there was no other business, meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,




Melissa Couture

Fairgrove Village Clerk

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