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2016-002 - 2016-002 Establishment of Sewer Fund Bank Account

2016-002 Establishment of Sewer Fund Bank Account

Resolution  2016-002

Establishment of Sewer Fund Bank Account

WHEREAS, the Fairgrove Village Council has determined it to be in the best interest of the Village of Fairgrove to establish an separate and distinct banking account for the purpose of tracking and identifying sewer funds, be it

RESOLVED that the village clerk is authorized and directed to establish a checking account with Chemical Bank and to deposit the specifically designated funds of the organization therein. The following individuals shall have authority to endorse and make deposits, sign checks, withdrawal funds, and otherwise operate the account on behalf of the organization:


Heidi Stark , Clerk                   _________________________

Bonnie Gray, Treasurer         _________________________

Thomas Wassa                       _________________________


I certify that this resolution was adopted by this organization and is now in effect. I certify that the persons whose names, titles, and signatures appear above are authorized to establish accounts for this organization and operate each account. I certify that these signatures are genuine.


Thomas Wassa



This is a true and accurate Resolution as passed by the Fairgrove Village Council, April 4, 2016



Heidi Stark

Village of Fairgrove Clerk

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