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63 - Reduction of Trustees







AN ORDINANCE to provide for reduction in the number of trustees on the Village of Fairgrove council.


The Village of Fairgrove ordains:


Section 1. Reduction of number of trustees on council


As authorized by Section (2), Chapter II of 1895 PA 3, as amended, the number of trustees on the Village council shall be reduced from six trustees to four trustees who, with the president, shall constitute the council.


Section 2. Term of office


After the effective date of adoption of this ordinance, four village trustees shall be elected each succeeding biennial village election. This ordinance shall not shorten the term of any incumbent trustee. Nor shall this ordinance shorten or eliminate a prospective term unless the nomination deadline for that term is not less than 30 days after the effective date of this ordinance.


Section 3. Effective date


This ordinance shall take effect 45 days after the date of its adoption, unless a petition signed by not less than ten percent of the registered electors of the village is filed with the village clerk or village office within such 45 days.  If a petition is filed within such period of time, this ordinance shall then take effect only upon its approval at the next general village or special village election held on the question of whether the ordinance shall be approved. Notice of any delayed effect of this ordinance and the right of petition under this section shall be published separately at the same time and in the same manner as the ordinance or a notice of the ordinance is published in a local newspaper of general circulation.


Section 4. Adoption


This ordinance shall be adopted by an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the members of the village council.


Section 5. Publication


The village clerk shall certify to the adoption of this ordinance and cause the same to be published as required by law.




Ordinance Declared Adopted



Thomas Wassa, Village President







Heidi Stark, Village Clerk

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