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58 - - Repealed - Sidewalk Ordinance










An ordinance to provide for the maintenance of and to prohibit obstructions on the sidewalks within the Village of Fairgrove.




Section 1.  Maintenance


An owner of real property adjacent to a sidewalk within the Village shall keep that sidewalk free of dirt, gravel or any other debris.  Furthermore, an owner shall have twelve (12) hours from accumulation to remove the dirt, gravel or other debris from that sidewalk.


Section 2.  Obstructions


An owner of real property adjacent to a sidewalk within the Village shall not, without the permission of the Village Council, obstruct or allow any other person to obstruct that sidewalk in any manner.  Furthermore, an owner shall not park or allow another to park a motor vehicle on the sidewalk adjacent to his or her property.


Section 3.  Penalty


Any person or entity that violates any provision of this Ordinance shall be responsible for

a municipal civil infraction and subject to payment of a civil fine of not less than One Hundred and 00/100 ($100.00) Dollars, plus costs and other sanctions as set forth in Civil Infraction Ordinance No. 49 for each infraction.  Repeat violations of this Ordinance shall

be subject to increased fines and other sanctions as provided by Ordinance No. 49.  Furthermore, any violation shall be subject to such injunctive relief as granted by the Court.


Section 4.  Repeal


The former Village  of Fairgrove Sidewalk Ordinance No. 3, adopted on July 2, 1957, is hereby repealed in its entirety.


The undersigned President and Clerk of the Village of Fairgrove hereby certify that this Ordinance was duly adopted by the Fairgrove Village Council at a meeting held on the  20th day of July, 2009 and a synopsis thereof was published in the Tuscola County Advertiser on the 8th day of August, 2009.  This Ordinance shall take effect twenty (20) days after said date of adoption, which is August 10, 2009.




                                                                                    Duane L. Maguire, Village President



                                                                                    Beverly J. Parsell, Village Clerk

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